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David Bawden
28-10-10, 00:56
Not sure if how to proceed any further on this great aunt of mine.
"Utflyttad Jan 29 1894 till Purmo Bapt. fors"
"till Amerika 21.4.1900, bort fran mantalslangden 1906"
Passenger Record Search for Ellis Island shows Amanda Nylund, Finland arriving Sep 30 1900 on Saint Louis from Southampton. Servant, Age 19, single. She arrives with $77 and she has paid her own passage, "visiting friends in New York"
Census: 1910 15 April, New York City, Manhatten, Census of New York shows her age 28, servant, single, immigrate 1902 from Finland. Lived in the New Assembly District 21, on West 140th Street. Working in home of Eugene Meville (27) and wife Clara (24). Eugene is a broker in real estate. Not able to find him, his wife or Amanda in 1920 census anywhere in US.

Did she die before the 1920 census, marry or move to another location with her employers family? I sure would like to know what happened to her. Any ideas or sources I might check to pursue her further?

K-G Molander
28-10-10, 08:22
This is the only record I found in New York. If this Amanda is yours, I do not know. You could look for this couple's marriage record to be sure.
There were others "Amanda" married, but not in NY. With matching age and from Finland. The search was done without using a surname.

Name: Amanda Kuristo
Residence: Suffolk, New York
Estimated Birth Year: 1881
Age: 39
Birthplace: Finland
Relationship to Head of Household: Wife
Gender: Female
Race: White
Marital Status: Married
Father's Birthplace: Finland
Mother's Birthplace: Finland
Film Number: 1821269
Digital Folder Number: 4442099
Image Number: 00230
Sheet Number: 9

Household Gender Age
Spouse: Simon Kuristo M 49y
Wife: Amanda Kuristo F 39y

David Bawden
28-10-10, 16:50
Good idea and strategy Karl. I didn't think of that. Thanks. Uhh...what would be the next step I need to do to determine the maiden name of this Amanada and where I might access this information?

David Bawden
04-11-10, 16:54
I was able to check locate this Amanda Kuristo in the 1920 census on https://beta.familysearch.org/. This was a very useful tool. I then used my local library on line access to Heritage to look at the original entries. Here I found that the date of immigration did not match (1907) as well as the language spoken (Finnish). So, the search goes on.

K-G Molander
18-10-14, 17:02
David, I have lost your email.
Also, do you have full access to "family Tree"?
I have updated info for Mathias Johansson Stenvatten LZN9-YGS.