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29-10-10, 20:13
Does anyone have access to parish records from Kiiminki and/or Ylikiiminki for the period 1750 to 1770?

FFHA does not have that period for Kiiminki, and FFHA doesn't even list Ylikiiminki.

Would Ylikiiminki be listed under another parish?

Specifically, I am looking for information on Matts Mattsson Cocko born 29 December 1751

He moved to Pudasjarvi in 1770, and the church books say he is from Kiiminki.
HisKi has him born in Hildula, Ylikiiminki (but HisKi is only a search tool)


Jaska Sarell
29-10-10, 20:37
Another source for digitized church books is the National Archive (http://digi.narc.fi/digi/).
They are adding material from microfilm rolls all the time. Ylikiiminki seems to be there, but not Kiiminki. Maybe it's easiest to find what's available through the tree view. (http://digi.narc.fi/digi/puu.ka)

Happy searching!

:) Jaska

29-10-10, 20:57
Thank you very much Jaska!