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June Pelo
31-10-10, 20:46
I've been asked to help find any living relatives to anyone in this family. Can anyone advise or suggest how to find them?

Gabriel Andersson (Stråka) (Kojola) Wiitala, born 13.6.1824, Alahärmä; parents Anders Gabrielsson Storstråka and Anna Johansdr Vuolti.
Maria Andersdr Heikkilä, first spouse, born 4.12.1824, Alahärmä; died 14.4.1860, Alahärmä
Married 6.4.1844, Alahärmä

1. Johan, born 4.4.1845, Alahärmä; died 26.6.1845, Alahärmä
2. Anders, born 6.12.1846, Alahärmä
3. Gustaf, born 16.12.1848, Alahärmä
4. Gabriel, born 9.2.1851, Alahärmä; died 31.5.1868, Alahärmä
5. Johan, born 17.3.1853, Alahärmä; died 16.7.1854, Alahärmä
6. Anna, born 18.9.1854, Alahärmä
7. Johan, born 18.9.1856, Alahärmä; moved to Alavus, 4.4.1885; died 3.2.1889, Alavus, without marrying.
8. Salomon, born 10.10.1858, Alahärmä; died 16.10.1858, Alahärmä
9. Erik, born 29.2.1860, Alahärmä; twin to Susanna; died
10. Susanna, born 29.2.1860, Alahärmä; twin to Erik; died 4.3.1860, Alahärmä

Liisa Mattsdr (Wiitala) Näsi, second spouse, born 5.10.1838, Alahärmä; died 14.4.1922, Wuoskosken kylä No. 4, Voltti, Alahärmä
Married 22.3.1861, Alahärmä

1. Maria Kaisa, born 19.11.1861, Alahärmä; moved from Alahärmä to Ylihärmä with the name Wiitala, 14.5.1879; moved to Åbo in 15.11.1880.
2. Sanna Wilhelmina, born 4.10.1863, Alahärmä; died 18.2.1867, Alahärmä
3. Matts, born 2.5.1866, Alahärmä; died 1.7.1868, Alahärmä
4. Nikolai, born 8.7.1869, Kauhava?; believed to be living in Rock Springs, NY about 1897
5. Kaappo, born 21.11.1872, Kauhava?; last seen in Rippikirja with mother at Wuoskosken kylä No. 4, Voltti, Alahärmä; declared dead 28.8.1967
6. Aleksandra, born 14.4.1875, Brunkala?; moved to Turku, 4.11.1895 with the name Näsi; returned to Alahärmä, 4.11.1896; emigrated to America in 1897; about 1899, in Diamondville, WY, she married Charles (Kalle?) Hakalahti, born abt. 1869, Finland; died 16.1.1920, UT

Gabriel Andersson Wiitala, wife Liisa and 3 minor children, most likely Anna, Johan (born 1856) and Maria Kaisa moved from Alahärmä to Kauhava, 1.12.1868; as did Anders and Gustaf, Gabriel's sons with Maria Andersdr Heikkilä.

On 24.4.1877, Liisa Mattsdr returned to Alahärmä, a widow, with children Johan, Maria Kaisa, Nikolai, Kaappo and Aleksandra. In Rippikirja, she is last seen with son Kaappo at Wuoskosken kylä No. 4, Voltti, Alahärmä

But here's something very strange. Move records for Alahärmä show Gabriel Andersson Wiitala moving from Alahärmä to Kauhava in 1868; and the widow Liisa Mattsdr returning to Alahärmä from Kauhava in 1877. But I can't find any record of this family in Kauhava; not in the move in/out records; nor in birth records for the years in which Nikolai, Kaappo and Aleksandra were born.

Karen Norwillo
01-11-10, 15:36
I found a Nikolai Nasi and his large family in Idaho 1900-1930. I'm not sure if it's rhe correct one, but seems to match.
Wife Miina, first two children born MI, next 2 WY and last 6 in ID.
John, Eda (Edith), Fiina, Hulda, Nikolai Jr, Fannie, Orter (Arthur), Charles, Fay and Lizzie.
ID Death Index
Nikolai Nasi 9 Jul 1871-22 Oct 1933 McCall, ID. On census, if you subtract age from year, 1869 fits.
Charles Nasi 1 May 1907-5 Feb 1923 McCall
ID Marriages
Hulda Nasi married S A White 5 Sep 1915 McCall
John Nasi married Saima Mikkelsson 17 Jul 1915 Boise
Fannie Nasi married Joseph R White 31 Mar 1921 McCall
Edith Nasi married Elmer T Ewing 27 Nov 1913 McCall
I'll keep searching.

June Pelo
01-11-10, 15:49
Thanks, Karen. I'll pass it along. I think they are also hoping to find some living relatives in Finland, but I don't know of anyone in Finland who could do some searching there.

Karen Norwillo
01-11-10, 17:00
Here are the census records. From the ID Deaths on Family Search, Miina was born Antteli.
There is a Gabriel Nasi in 1900 in Omega, Boise, Idaho 28 single says born Dec 1871, emigrated 1898, laborer. Can't find him after that.

02-11-10, 15:56
Hello June,
I have second cousins living in Alahärmä, and, I'll ask them if they know of any Wiitalas/Viitalas in the area. It may take awhile, because I know that they don't check their e-mail inbox very often.....I'll let you know if/when I hear something.

June Pelo
02-11-10, 16:16
Thank you, Roger. Any help will be appreciated.

June Pelo
02-11-10, 21:43

Thanks for the additional info. I'm so far behind in reading and answering..