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Gunnar DamstrŲm
01-11-10, 04:04
By now North American members of the Swedish Finn Historical Society have received a surprise package in the mail- thier complementary copy of Sunnie Empie's new book, The Legacy of Ida Lillbrošnda. Sunnie established that her grandmother Ida Maria Andersdotter Lillbrošnda came from Kronoby in Ostrobothnia and emigrated to the United States in 1893. Sunnie's description of her research, spanning several years and trips to Finland is fascinating. Several chapters describe the conditions in Finland during the latter part of the 1800's; the historical background; factors that prompted young people to leave their home turf to seek a new life beyond the oceans. Ida Maria's life and experiences in the United States is described in great detail; her marriage to John Sundquist, another Swede Finn in Telluride, the boarding house she established there, and the move to the fertile land of Skagit Valley in the State of Washington where they established a farm. While there have been many emigrant novels written by Swedish Finn authors over the years, The Legacy of Ida Lillbrošnda is unique, describing the life and times of a Swedish Finn emigrant from the viewpoint of her children and grandchildren. The book is an inspiration for storytellers. For people having only a vague picture of their Finnish immigrant grandparents the book is a rich source of information. The book can be ordered from any independent bookstore: The Legacy of Ida Lillbrošnda, ISBN 978-1-931025-05-8, or from Boulder House Publishers www.boulderhousepublishers.com

01-11-10, 09:34
Thanks Gunnar.

I received the package on Friday. I have yet to open it, but now I know what is inside.


Karen Norwillo
01-11-10, 22:12
I started it and was in tears with the first few pages. She could have been talking about my grandmother and grandfather, it all sounded so familiar. Can't wait to read on.
Thank you, Arlene (Sunnie)

David Bawden
04-11-10, 18:13
My heart and brain were wrapped up in every page. I read it at several levels: to enjoy the literary work of a good storyteller, to better understand my own Swede-Finn grandparents coming to America, to learn about Finnish history, and become a better family researcher.

The author has done no small thing here. Thank you for your in-depth research, skill in writing, and gift as a storyteller.

Karen Norwillo
04-11-10, 21:04
I finished the book and I agree totally with David. Thank you for the story.
Karen Norwillo

June Pelo
04-11-10, 21:08
I have the book but can't seem to find time to read it. I'm familiar with some of it and had most of the pedigree chart in my database. I calculated that Sunnie and I have over 50 connections.