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01-11-10, 16:35
Looking for information about parent, grandparents, siblings and children of:

John (Jon) Händelin, born Dec 1842 or Dec 1849 in Karleby, Finland; lived in San Lorenzo, California at 1900 US Census; immigration year 1892

William Händelin; born Oct 1861 in Karleby, Finland; lived in San Francisco at 1900 US Census; Immigration year 1889

Jakat Händelin; born about 1866 in Finland; lived in St.Louis at 1895 US Census

June Pelo
01-11-10, 18:53
I recently helped someone in the UK named Händelin who also had ancestors from Karleby. But I don't find any of your names in his ancestry. His Händelin line was from Hugo Drycksbäck, b. 1891, Karleby, through his son Johan Erik, b. 1927.

Hasse Andtbacka: Could this new query be connected to your Händelin data?

Tapio Rautio
01-11-10, 19:46

The picture is from Storby 1880, first names from the bottom of the page:
Johan Matsson Hannila -42, wife Sofia -42 children 2 boys 1 girl.

Kokkolan msrk/emäsrk - Karleby lf/moderförs - christened

Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child

10.3.1834 13.3.1834 Storby Bd. Matts Andss. Hannila Brita Joh.dr. 29 Anders

14.9.1836 15.9.1836 Bd. Matts Andss. Hannila Brita Joh.dr. 28 Anna Brita

18.4.1839 21.4.1839 Storby Bd. Matts Andss. Hannila Brita 38 Matts

22.7.1841 23.7.1841 Storby Bd. Matts Andss. Hanila (n:n päällä on viiva) Brita 33 Jacob (kuollut 27.11.)

6.12.1842 8.12.1842 Storby Bd. Matts And.s. Hannila Brita Joh.dr. 30-35 Johan

17.9.1845 19.9.1845 Bd. Matts And.s. Hannila Brita 35-40 Maja Lisa

21.3.1848 25.3.1848 Bond. Matts And.s. Hannila Brita 35-40 Jacob

10.11.1850 17.11.1850 Bd. Matts And.s. Hannila Brita 40-45 Carl

This might be Johns family?


June Pelo
01-11-10, 22:12

I think that is the family. I have the parents in my database - their daughter Maja-Lisa, b. 1845 married and her son took the name Enlund. Years ago I worked with someone about that family - but I don't have the rest of the children in my data. Matts Andersson also used the name Näsi and his wife was from the Porko family. I don't have anything more about the parents.

June Pelo
04-11-10, 20:26
I have some data that may or may not be the Jön/John Händelin in the query.

I have Johan Mattsson Hannelin - Hannilä, b. 6 Dec 1842, Karleby, d. 21 Nov 1920, married 14 Nov 1866 to Sofia Henriksdotter Pettersson-Porko, b. 13 May 1842, d. 14 Feb. 1918. They had 6 children. Only one of them emigrated to the US: Daughter Maria Elisabet, b. 16 Aug 1881, d. 9 Apr 1915, USA. She had 3 children born in the US:
William Harald Hannelin, b. 14 Jul 1903; Milia Maria, b. 4 Jul 1906; Oskar Emil, b. 14 Oct 1908.

If this is the correct family, I can supply information about the parents and siblings of Johan Mattsson Hannelin. The other two names, William, b. 1861 and Jakat, b. ca 1866 don't appear in this Hannelin family.