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02-11-10, 19:19
I was wondering if anyone would know where else I could look for information to the following questions that I have? :confused:
Why are the children of Anna Helena Andersdr not listed in the church books with her? Who raised these 4 kids? Why is Anna Helena missing for 15 years from the church books. Did she ever go to conformation school? If so, the church has these records wouldn't they?

Anna Lena (Antintytar (Andrew's daughter))
Born October 24,1825 in Hollola Finland
Died Novemeber 2, 1889 in unmarried state had 4 children
1. Amanda (Aleksanterinposan ( Alexanderson))
2. Juho Kustaa Kivisto married Amalia Stjernan
3. Aaret Jokinen
4. Karl Rikhard (Annanpolka (Anna's son))
Juho is my great great grandfather. Most of the family ended up in Iron River, WI
Thank you for any and all help.

Kaj Granlund
15-11-10, 13:39
If she is missing for 15 years on a specific page the reason can be:
a) she was living at another place within the parish during thoses years - then you ought to check the notes made in the record to find out where she went or from where she came, OR if unlycky to check the whole book to find where she was.
b) she was living outside the parish But then there will be notes when and where she left and when and from where she returned (but those can be in a separate record "Muuttokirja" or "In-Utflyttade"
c) the pastor wasn't that eager to enter the information because he had too many problems of his own (but that's probably not the case during that period)

It seems the children were born out of wedlock (annasd/annasson indicates there was no legal father) so I think they might have been staying with their grandmother/uncle/aunt

16-11-10, 18:33
Thank you Kaj for those ideas. I so wish my family would of passed down information to each other so we didn't have these types of questions now.
Thank you again.