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Greg Brooks
09-11-10, 01:22

I have a document that needs translation, can you help?

Greg Brooks
Blanchard, Oklahoma USA

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June Pelo
09-11-10, 15:20

I can't read Finnish, but here are a few words that help get the meaning.
synt. = born
kuoli. = died
avioliittoon = marry/marriage
puoliso = spouse
lapset = children
muutti = moved

Hopefully someone else can translate the rest of it.

Jaska Sarell
09-11-10, 16:38
A few more words that appear there (in no particular order):
elää = lives
vaimo = wife
naimatonna = unmarried
avioton lapsi = illegitimate child
lapset avioliitosta = children from marriage
kuoli sodassa = died at war
julistettu kuolleeksi = declared dead
myöhemmin = later
s. (syntyään) = born, in this context: maiden name
e. (entinen) = former

:) Jaska