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05-01-04, 23:04
My name is Charlotte Asplund Palmateer and I was born in Marshfield (now Coos Bay), Oregon. For many years I thought that members of the Swedish community in Marshfield came from Sweden. Wrong! They came from Finland, including my grandparents, Johanna Mattsdr. Ventjärvi, b.1852 in Söka, Karleby parish, and Hans Carlsson Asplund, b.1853 in Jeussen, Kronoby parish. They emigrated in the 1880s and met, were married, and raised their family, including my father, in Marshfield.
I visited Finland in 1997 and met relatives of both grandparents. We were totally unaware of the existance of each other. It was a life-changing experience for which I am very grateful.
I still communicate with two of my wonderful cousins. How I would love to see them again!
My husband I now live in a retirement community in Sublimity, Oregon, about 15 miles from Salem. During the past month I have had a lot of fun searching Talko for the relatives of friends whom I knew in Marshfield. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that I am related to some of them.
Happy New Year to all of you!

June Pelo
05-01-04, 23:18

Just saw your posting and am so glad you've joined us. I'm sure you'll find some family data on Talko.


06-01-04, 04:48
Hi Charlotte,
Welcome aboard!

06-01-04, 17:21
Hi, Charlotte,

You are most welcome.
You will certainly find many good friends here!

Kind regards,


16-01-04, 23:04
Welcome to SFHS.

My mother's uncle Johannes Lillquist married Signe Ventjärvi and settled in Seattle Washington raising 3 children here. Small world if they're related.

Hope you find same satisfaction and interest as I do in this great resource.


June Pelo
16-01-04, 23:23

I don't know if you and Charlotte are related through Ventjärvi, but the two of you are 9th cousins once removed through Johan Henriksson Storcaino, and a few other links.


17-01-04, 02:25
Hi Vern: Thanks for the message. I think June's data base is marvelous. I'd like to see a chart so I can visually understand how we are 9th cousins. I'm not doing much Finnish research right now but hope to get busy in March or April. I'm also working on my German ancestors.
I found info. on some Wentjärvi cousins in Astoria, OR. They changed their name to Wentjar. (I wonder how they pronounced it.) Some of them moved to Longview (I think). There are no longer any Wentjars in Astoria. I haven't had much luck finding any currently in Longview either, but I haven't put much effort into the search. More later --