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09-11-10, 11:18

My name is Ken Andersson and I live in Sydney or Canberra Australia (depending on what day of the week it is!). My real home is in Sydney's northern beaches area - sun, surf and fun (when it is not raining).

I recently joined Suku forum and posted a couple of messages relating to searches of my parents family in Finland. Our kind moderator Hasse suggested I also try Finlander formum. So here I am!

I am rsearching mainly my mothers family in Finland. Her maiden name was Lappalainen and she was born in Viipuri Karelen. Her father was Taavetti Lappalainen and her mothers name was Bertta Ingrid (maiden name Ranta). Taavetti was born in 1909 (I think) and died in 1977. Taavetti had five daughters and two sons. During the war my mother was sent to Sweden with another sister ('Krigsbarn'). After the war the family reunited and settled in Koupio. I guess I am trying to find out as much as I can about Taavetti and Bertta and their respective parents, etc. I have a good picture of the Taavetti children (although I have not met them) and have managed to reach out to two of my cousins. Met them last year when I visited Scandinavia.

Taavetti later remarried to a lady named Helka and they had more children.

On my fathers side there is very little. He was born in Louvisa Finalnd and was left in an orphanage with his brother. His mothers name was Dagmar Andersson. My father spent some years in the care of Sigrid and Karl Finnberg and worked on a farm in Hagelberg (?) owned by that family. I am not sure if I am allowed to mention my fathers brother's name in case he is still alive???

Anyway, there it is - and her is hoping that someone recognises something in the information above.

I look forward to the adventures on Finlander forum. By the way, I am new to this and know there is a lot to learn about researching genealogy.

All the best and look forward to hearing from anyone.

Oh, and I am planning on another research trip to Finland (and Sweden) next year.


10-11-10, 09:29
Chilren born in former Finnish Carelia untill 1909 should be recorded in a database http://www.karjalatk.fi/katiha/index.php I was not able to find any Taavetti or David Lappalainen. If he was born 1910, the data should be there next year (privacy for persons who may be alive).

Do you know, if your grandfather was born i Viipuri, or somewhere in Carelia ?

I guess you know, when your mother was born. Then you should get more information from:

Mikkelin maakunta-arkisto
Käyntiosoite: Pirttiniemenkatu 8 A
Postiosoite: PL 2, 50101 Mikkeli
Puhelin: (015) 321 310
Sukuselvitykset, virkatodistukset: (015) 321 3132
Tutkijasali, lukulaitevaraukset: (015) 321 3120
Faksi: (015) 321 3157
Sähköposti: mikkeli narc.fi


10-11-10, 10:28
Thank you for that for that information, much appreciated. I will check it out.

My grandfather Taavetti was actually born in Koupio, but moved to Viipuri where the children were born. Later returned to Koupio after the war.

Again, thanks for the info.

All the best

11-11-10, 18:23
There are records about Kuopio at Hiski only untill 1861, so the only way seems to be to be in touch to archives or parishes.

This may be helpful regarding Kuopio: http://www.kuopionseurakunnat.fi/keskusrekisteri_


13-11-10, 12:46
Thanks harry

Working my way through the translation of the web site. Might take a while!
But it is good, I might recover some of my Finnish mother language by the time I am through.

Have a good weekend

15-11-10, 19:48
Well, actually I thought, that you would just klick an envelope and send a message, but it is useful to study languages, too.