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15-11-10, 10:21
Pehr Kalm & Black Philadelphia: An 18th Century View
By Lawrence Backlund

Pehr (Peter) Kalm, a student of the Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus, was sent to North America by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in 1748-51 to collect plants and seeds for transplantation to Sweden. He proved to be an avid collector (600 samples, 60 “new” species), intrepid traveler (Philadelphia to French Canada), and observant social commentator, including some remarks on the Black population of the Delaware Valley and Philadelphia.
Kalm’s observations are of some value, despite their anecdotal nature. He faithfully recorded nearly everything he was told. In fact, one modern biographer calls Kalm “gullible,” as a result. Yet, he witnessed the Black community before the massive influx of African slaves in the late 18th century. His testimony provides a unique opportunity to glean insights into Philadelphia’s Black community before the American Revolution..."

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