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15-11-10, 21:11
By Susan (Johnson) Cunic

"...Axel Bäckman departed from his loved ones in Sideby (18 July 1890). Obtaining a passport at Åland Island (26 July 1890), he would sail to Steam Packet Wharf in Hull, England. Traveling by rail cross-country to Liverpool, he would board the noteworthy SS Teutonic. He might have dreamed of an ocean voyage on a three-mast schooner like those built at Kil Harbor in Sideby, but instead boarded a ship that earned its place in history.
When it launched, the SS Teutonic was the first White Star Line ship to discard square-rigged sails. Propeller driven, it brought young Axel Bäckman to America in just five days, twenty-hours, and forty-three minutes. 1 One year later, in just five days, sixteen hours, and thirty-one minutes, with a record Atlantic crossing speed of more than twenty knots, it would win Britain’s coveted Blue Riband Award (1891)..."

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