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19-11-10, 22:18
Matti Huhta was born in 1882 to Matti and Johanna Huhta in Ashtabula, Ohio.

Matti and Johanna moved to Erie, Pennsylvania to open a boarding house.

Around 1901, Matti Junior met and married Rosa Kotila.
Matti and Rosa had 4 children.

They divorced and Rosa moved in with her mother Anna Kotila in Ashtabula.

Matti joined the IWW and road the rails across the northern tier of the U.S.
He died in 1942 in NYC where he was working as a river barge captain.

It seems as if I am working 1 or 2 generations too late. Rosa's move to Ashtabula in the early 1900s must have been a big scandal for a small town but my usual Ashtabula contacts are coming up blank.

Where would you look? I am equally interested in Rosa as well as Matti AKA T Bone Slim.

Harri Siitonen, one of the original Wobs (IWW members) says that there was some disrespect for Matti as he left his wife and 4 children.

I've spoken to some Huhtas but as luck would have it there were 2 possibly 3 Matti Huhtas born in different places in the US but about the same time.

The T Bone Slim papers are part of a collection at Wayne State University in Detroit. I'm in Florida.

What would you do?


Karen Douglas
21-11-10, 00:03
Hi Jennifer,

There is a State Library in the capital city of every state that generally serves as a repository for every newspaper published in that particular state. So, I would suggest that you email the State Library in Columbus, Ohio, to see if they have the Ashtabula newspapers on microfiche. If so, perhaps there is someone in Columbus who would be willing to do the research for you. I have done this quite often for folks who are researching relatives from Michigan. Maybe you can find someone through (RAOK) Random Acts of Kindness.

The other suggestion is to email - or mail - Wayne State University to see what they have in their archives. I am currently doing some research on a physician at the University of Michigan. I emailed them two weeks ago and just received a reply. They have the information I need and will copy the information for me (20-cents per page) and mail it to me by snail mail.

Good Luck!

Karen Douglas

Karen Douglas
21-11-10, 00:18

The website address for the Columbus, Ohio State Library is:


The website address for the Wayne State University Archives is:


Details are spelled out at each site...


Karen Douglas
21-11-10, 00:27

Skip that address in the above posting for the State Library in Columbus, OHIO. The CORRECT website address is:



05-01-18, 00:34
Hello, Matti V. Huhta is my great great uncle... I am learning as much as I can about him, his siblings, wife and children. Jennifer if you are still on this thread I would love to speak with you or communicate over email about what you've found about Matti and Rose etc.... I am currently getting duplicates of the material in the rosemont/t bone slim archive at the newberry library in chicago. This is proving a most interesting source of information but as i said I am looking for more leads especially to his songs and poetry. So again thanks for your time and research I hope we can communicate further about this mysterious figure. Best wishes, John