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21-11-10, 08:35
I am searching for descendents to Anna Alice Stenbäck, b Thomasfolk 23.6.1900 in Kalax, Närpes, Finland. She was a daughter of Karl Oskar Thomasfolk / Stenbäck (1874 - 1928) and his 1st wife Klara Sofia Skomars (1874 - 1903). Anna Alice emigrated to the States 1921 and based on not confirmed information married to a Swede.

Appreciate receiving any information that might help me continuing my research.


Karen Norwillo
21-11-10, 20:09
Here is the ships manifests for Anna Alice. She travelled under Thomasfolk. I found both her arrival to NY and her departure from Gothenburg, Sweden. I'll see if I can find anything in NY. She was bound for an uncle Josef Roos in the Bronx. This is from Ancestry.com

Karen Norwillo
21-11-10, 21:05
I think this may be Anna. I searched Italian Genealogical Group, who has marraige records searchable on-line for NY, all, not just Italian. I found an Anna Stenbeck who married a Walter Sjogren Oct 4,1927 certificate #30956 Manhattan. I searched under Thomasfolk with no hits, then tried Stenback (Soundex) and found it. Copy is available for payment at this website, http://www.nyc.gov/htm/records/pdf/8marfrm.pdf. You can download a request form. I followed this trail and found her returning from Finland with two children after a visit to Kalax/Kalaks. I then traced the family to the 1930census. If you think it might be a match, it might be worth it to get the marraige license at 15.00 a copy.

22-11-10, 20:06
Thank you very much. It is definitely the correct Anna. It is confirmed by the information that she visited year 1933 her sister Signe in Kalax, Finland.

Based on other information recieved from you I have been able to trace that Annas son Walter Roland was borned twin on the 8th of July 1928 and died 1998 in Palm Beach, Florida. In the death certificate Walter was named Sjogren Sr => he has a son with the name Walter.


Karen Norwillo
22-11-10, 20:22
You're very welcome. Walter R Sjogren died 18 Jul 1998 in Jupiter, Palm Beach county, FL. I've been trying to find an obituary which could give clues to sister Iris Louise. No luck so far.

Karen Norwillo
23-11-10, 01:57
I requested a look-up from Ask A Librarian in Palm Beach for a possible obit for Walter. They couldn't find one, but sent me a copy of the death record and a paper he had to sign when he moved from NJ into FL in 1990. Says previous residence was E. Hanover and Bridgeton, NJ, wife Jane Barberi Sjogren and that he was a self employed business owner. It incorrectly has his father's first name as Maurice Sjogren, unless his father used a second name. Mauritz is a possibility. I will attempt to attach. They also note he is buried in Restland Memorial Park in NJ and suggested looking for an obit there.

23-11-10, 09:10
Uncel Joseph Roos, siblings and parents.

Vesterlund (Röös), Carl Johan "Kalle" Mattsson.
Born 14 DEC 1849 in Nämpnäs.
Died 18 NOV 1880 in Nämpnäs.
Röös (Fratt Groop), Matts Johansson.
Born 29 SEP 1818 in Övermark (Närpes Kb 1816-22 p2/318).
Died 25 OCT 1900 in Nämpnäs.
Matts var torpare och murare, senare också bonde på Röös i Nämpnäs.
Kroksmossa (Fratt), Ulrika Karlsdotter.
Born 9 MAR 1826 in Kroksmossa.
Died 6 MAR 1908 in Nämpnäs.

Married 1874 to
Langels, Johanna Hansdotter "Fåkton".
Born 25 FEB 1851 in Nämpnäs.
Died 21 JAN 1935 in Yttermark på Nääs.
Langels, Hans Henrik Hansson.
Born 15 NOV 1819 in Nämpnäs.
Died 1 NOV 1884 in Nämpnäs.
Röös, Lena Mattsdotter.
Born 14 OCT 1815 in Nämpnäs.
Died 17 JAN 1889 in Nämpnäs.

Röös, Edla Johanna Carl-Johansdotter.
Born 23 SEP 1874 in Nämpnäs.
Died 8 MAR 1875 in Nämpnäs.

Vogt (Röös), Karl Johan Carl-Johansson "Fåkta Kaljohan".
Murare Spelman.
Born 6 MAY 1876 in Nämpnäs.
Died 10 AUG 1918 in Kaskö.
Kallades "Fåkta Kaal Johan". Spelade på bröllop,både fiol och klarinett. Flyttade med familj till Kaskö 1912.
Married to Snickars, Helena Maria Karlsdotter.
Born 12 FEB 1875 in Finby Närpes.

Roos (Röös), Josef Vilhelm Carl-Johansson.
Born 14 FEB 1878 in Nämpnäs Närpes.
Died 27 JUL 1924 in Bronx New York USA.
Married to , Maria.

Röös (Nääs), Edla Johanna Carl-Johansdotter.
Born 18 FEB 1880.
Died 11 MAR 1914 in USA.
Flyttade med sina två barn år 1910 till Alabama USA. Maken hade redan utvandrat år 1906.
Married 1903 in USA to Martens, Oskar Carl-Pettersson.
Born 25 OCT 1882 in Övermark.

23-11-10, 11:34
Skomars (Ömossa), Maria Henrika Henriksdotter.
Born 15 FEB 1871 in Rangsby (Närpes kb 1867-76 p3/75).
Ömossa, Henrik Maja-Lisasson.
Born 21 FEB 1845 in Rangsby (Närpes kb 1867-76 p3/75).
Martens (Granö), Johanna Fredrika Johansdotter.
Born 16 JUL 1843 in Tjärlax Närpes.
Died 11 JAN 1907 in Nämpnäs Närpes.

Married to
Roos (Röös), Josef Vilhelm Carl-Johansson.
Born 14 FEB 1878 in Nämpnäs Närpes.
Died 27 JUL 1924 in Bronx New York USA.
Vesterlund (Röös), Carl Johan "Kalle" Mattsson.
Born 14 DEC 1849 in Nämpnäs.
Died 18 NOV 1880 in Nämpnäs.
Langels, Johanna Hansdotter "Fåkton".
Born 25 FEB 1851 in Nämpnäs.
Died 21 JAN 1935 in Yttermark på Nääs.

Maria Henrika is sister to Clara Sofia, Anna Alice’s mother.

23-11-10, 11:42
Here is Anna Alice. Sister Signe.

Stenbäck (Thomasfolk), Signe Cecilia.
Born 7 SEP 1903.
Died 23 FEB 1999 in Huntington N.Y. USA.
Stenbäck (Thomasfolk), Karl Oskar Carl-Johansson.
Born 4 MAY 1875 in Kalax Närpes (Närpes Kb 1897-1906 p1/405).
Died 1928.
Skomars, Clara Sofia Henriksdotter.
Born 15 JUL 1874 in Nämpnäs Närpes.
Died 13 SEP 1903 in Kalax Närpes (Närpes Kb 1897-1906 p1/405).

Married 1st to
Frostén, Johan Emil Johansson.
Born 7 JUN 1896 in V:Yttermark.
Frostén (Frost), Johan Johansson.
Born 9 APR 1854 in V:Yttermark Närpes (Närpes Kb 1853-59 p3/56).
Died 23 JUL 1898 in V:Yttermark.
Norrholm (Pått), Johanna Gabrielsdotter.
Born 17 OCT 1851 in V:Yttermark.
Died 30 SEP 1910 in V:Yttermark.

Frostén, Mildred Astrid.
Born 19 MAR 1927 in New York USA.

Frostén, Johan "John" Emil.
Born 13 APR 1929 in New York USA.

Married 2nd to
Manngård, Karl Rudolf.
Born 3 JUL 1913 in Kalax Närpes.
Died 1 JAN 1985 in USA.
Manngård (Långgård), Karl Petter Johan-Pettersson.
Born 1887 in Kalax.
Died 1924.
Bondfolk, Ida Lovisa Karl-Johansdotter.
Born 25 JUL 1889 in Anacnda Montana USA .
Died 14 NOV 1934 in Kalax Närpes.

Manngård, Florence Elisabet.
Born 12 FEB 1934 in Kalax Närpes.
Died 31 DEC 1934 in Kalax Närpes.

Manngard (Manngård), Ralph Ole Håkan.
Born 6 JAN 1936 in Kalax Närpes.
Married to Tompkins, Lee-Ann.
Born 6 JUL 1939 in Mont Vernon N:Y: USA.

Manngård, Erik Melvin.
Born 7 NOV 1937 in Kalax Närpes.
Gift och frånskild to Blomqvist, Erna Alexandra.
Born 9 AUG 1939 in Åvensor Korpo.
Cohabitant with Santoianni, Lorraine.

Manngard (Manngård), Nils Edvin.
Born 15 FEB 1939 in Kalax Närpes.
Married 1960 to Gregory, Edyte Margaret.
Born 21 SEP 1939 in New York USA.

Manngard (Manngård), Karl Rudolf Vincent.
Born 3 DEC 1941 in Kalax Närpes.
Married 1980 to Torgersen, Paula.
Born 7 AUG 1949 in New York USA.

Manngard (Manngård), Stig Eric Gustav.
Born 24 MAR 1945 in Kalax Närpes.
Married 1967 to Allen, Charlene Mildred.
Born 16 JUL 1946 in New York USA.

23-03-11, 15:23
I am Anna Alice Stenbeck's granddaughter, Kirsten Sjogren Ammeen. My father was Walter Sjogren, Sr., who passed away in 1998. Anna died shortly before her 100th birthday just after my father.
Let me know how I can help you---and more curiously, why you are searching for info on Anna.

Karen Douglas
23-03-11, 16:50
Hi, Is there any possibility that Anna Alice Stenbäck may be related to the Rev. Kaarle Emil Stenbäck (1834-1919). He was born in Alavus, Finland and was a member of the Diet, like his father before him.


23-03-11, 16:59
I am interested in Anna Alice's descendants. My email is henrik.mangs(at)netikka.fi

23-03-11, 17:03
Kaarle Emil Stenbäck (1834-1919) is not related to Anna Alice Stenbäck

23-03-11, 17:28
Kirsten, we have common roots.

27-03-11, 15:00

Have you noticed that a member (Anna Alice's great granddaughter) has commented directly to your profile?


27-03-11, 16:06
Hej Hasse,
Tack för påminnelsen. Jag har även givit feedback till kontakten.
Mikael i Åbo

15-12-11, 03:07
Hi Again-
I am very interested in the genealogy of Anna Stenbeck and my father, Walter Sjogren. If I can help you please let me know.
My father, Walter, married and had 5 children. We are all still living.
His sister, Iris, married and now has the name Iris Sweeney. She had three sons, 2 are living in NJ.
When I was a child I did a family tree and interviewed my grandmother Anna...your work is much better!
Kirsten Sjogren Ammeen

15-12-11, 10:23
I have ancestors of Anna Sjögren contact me at e-mail henrik.mangs at netikka.fi