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June Pelo
21-11-10, 15:50
I have a new request for help as follows:

Karl Edvard Hermansson Klockars (Munk), b. 2 Nov 1869/70, Höstves, Korsholm, d. 17 Sep 1913 in an accident in the US, leaving a wife and 5 children. Came to the US 1896. I tried looking in Hiski, but Korsholm records don't include 1869. The family would like to know more about Karl Edvard and his ancestors.

Would appreciate any information.

Jaska Sarell
21-11-10, 17:31
Mantalslängd for 1880 (http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=630532) is also too early to list him by name, but one option may be Herman Israelsson b. 1826 and wife Maria b. 1828, having a listed daughter Tilda 1863 and three unlisted sons and a daughter. Herman Israelsson is murare in ML 1870 (http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=623137) and 1865 (http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=618771). He's possibly born at Klockars.
But there's also medåbo Herman Gabrielsson Munk (died between 1865 and 1870) with three sons and a daughter :confused:

Hopefully someone knows better, as this sounds more like guessing.

:) Jaska

Karen Douglas
22-11-10, 13:53
Hi June,

The names Klockars and Munk sounded very familiar to me so I did a "Search" of both names on Finlander. I had some success with the "Munk" name. A "wsanman" - Wayne Sanman - had made an inquiry about this name in 2007. There were several different responses - too many to post again here. This is part of a response I found on Post #9:

"I’m still researching my great grandfather Carl Edvard Sanman who was born Karl Edvard Klockars prior to leaving Höstves Village to emigrate to the USA. Some of you have heard this all before but, the puzzle I have been trying to solve is that he married in Portland, Oregon a woman named Emily Berg, whose father was John (or Johan) Munk according to the marriage record. A passenger list I found indicates that prior to her marriage and move to Portland she lived with her sister Sofia Berg in Chicago. So, now I am unsure what my great grandmother Emily’s (Amelia/Emelia) real surname was. Once I determine that, I’d like to find her ancestors and other relatives.

Good news! I think I found a clue on this website….


My great grandfather is mentioned in several places, and the name Munk and Berg are all over this document of emigrants to the US on this website, including “Munk” right after this name. # Karl Edvard Johan Henriksson Klockars, inhysing på Munk, f. 16.3.1859, till Sverige

Alas, I don’t speak Swedish so maybe someone will look over this list for Karl Edvard Klockars and all of the Munks and Bergs and figure out the connection to solve my puzzle. I did notice a Maria Sofia Berg which maybe Amelia’s sister Sofia Berg? I think the answer is here.

Can anyone help? Sincerely, Wayne Sanman"

Below this posting by Wayne is a short translation of the Sydaby site by Hasse.

Hope you find some tidbits here that may help...

June Pelo
22-11-10, 16:45
HI Karen,

Yes, I remember working with Wayne Sanman on his research. I looked through his data, but didn't find any Hermansson Klockars. I wrote to Wayne anyway and asked him about this. He offered to look through the rest of his data to see if he could find something. We think there has to be a link somewhere because of the Munk/Munck name. I have a relative in Malax with Klockars names, but he didn't feel there was a link to the Korsholm Klockars.

22-11-10, 22:21
Korsholm birth records FHL Fiche #6373045 list parents of Karl Edvard b. 2 Nov. 1869, baptised 7 Nov. 1869 Höstves as Herman Klockars and hustru Maria.

Clerical survey FHL Fiche #6372922 Höstves, Korsholm 1871-1881 shows Herman Israelsson Klockars b. 1 Oct. 1826
Maria Isaksdotter b. 10 August 1828.
Maria Sofia b. 8 May or June 1854
Anna Edla b. 17 Feb 1861
Mathilda b. 30 Aug 1863
Emelia b. 25 July 1866
Karl Edvard b. 2 Nov. 1869
Emil 29 April 1874 d. 30 Oct 1874
Herman b. 11 Nov 1876 d. 24 ? 1876

Maria Sofia Hermansdotter Klockars b. 1854 (above) married 14 April 1879 with August Karlsson b. 26 Nov 1857.
Daughter Edith maria b. 14 April 1880.
I'll email a copy to your personal email as their is more detail I cannot read.

Beverly Cooper

June Pelo
22-11-10, 23:01
Thanks, Beverly.

23-11-10, 13:37
Björk, Israel Johansson.
Born 15 APR 1786.
Died 16 JAN 1845 in Höstves Korsholm.
Björk, Johan Henriksson.
, Valborg Mårtensdotter.

Married 1st 10 MAY 1808 in Korsholm to
Munck, Anna Margareta Eriksdotter.
Born 30 JUN 1789 in Höstves Korsholm.
Munk, Erik Simonsson.
Born 20 MAY 1758 in Höstves Korsholm.
, Anna Greta Eriksdotter.

Married 2nd 29 JUN 1810 in Korsholm to
Klockars, Anna Greta Abrahamsdotter.
Born 27 JUN 1792 in Höstves Korsholm.
Died 3 JAN 1865 in Höstves Korsholm.
Klockars, Abraham Jöransson.
Born 3 APR 1766 in Höstves Korsholm.
Died 11 NOV 1840 in Höstves Korsholm.
Svarfvar, Greta Johansdotter.
Born 4 FEB 1761 in Karkmo Korsholm.
Died 15 DEC 1838 in Höstves Korsholm.

Klockars, Anna Greta Israelsdotter.
Born 17 MAR 1812 in Höstves Korsholm.
Died 20 AUG 1877 in Höstves Korsholm.
Married 8 JAN 1832 to Munk, Gabriel Gabrielsson.
Born 10 JUL 1810 in Höstves Korsholm.
Died 19 FEB 1848 in Höstves Korsholm.

Klockars, Caisa Lena Israelsdotter.
Born 3 SEP 1814 in Höstves Korsholm.

Klockars, Abraham Israelsson.
Born 24 DEC 1816 in Höstves Korsholm.

Klockars, Anders Isaksson.
Born 24 DEC 1816 in Höstves Korsholm.

Klockars, Johan Erik Israelsson.
Born 9 MAY 1819 in Höstves Korsholm.
Died 23 NOV 1918 in Korsholm.
Married 14 FEB 1847 in Korsholm to Fant, Carolina Johansdotter.
Born 23 SEP 1823 in Korsholm.
Died 23 AUG 1867 in Korsholm.

Klockars, Israel Israelsson.
Born 9 SEP 1821 in Höstves Korsholm.

Klockars, Maria Sophia Israelsson.
Born 14 OCT 1824 in Höstves Korsholm.
Died 24 DEC 1825 in Höstves Korsholm.

Klockars, Herman Israelsson.
Sockenmurare, Torpare.
Born 1 OCT 1826 in Höstves Korsholm (Korsholm Kb 1864-70 p1/225).
Died 30 OCT 1891 in Höstves Korsholm (Korsholm Kb 1887-96 p1/384).
Bosatt på Klockars/Munk Nr: 5 i Höstves Korsholm.
Married to Berg, Maria Isaksdotter.
Born 10 AUG 1828 in Höstves Korsholm.

Klockars, Maria Sophia Israelsdotter.
Born 9 JUN 1829 in Höstves Korsholm.

Klockars, Karl Edvard Israelsson.
Born 5 JAN 1834 in Höstves Korsholm.

Klockars, Louisa Israelsdotter.
Born 2 MAY 1837 in Höstves Korsholm.

June Pelo
23-11-10, 17:50
Thanks to everyone - we now have a good collection of names to work with.