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Hasse Andtbacka
06-01-04, 17:08

I have a query for a friend who isn't still a member here:

Alexander Anderson-- born in Finland September 10, 1870 and died in Carlton,
Minnesota (near Duluth) on August 12, 1948. He immigrated in 1889 and changed
his name to Eklund in Minnesota. (He had a brother, John Anderson, who also
emigrated to Duluth, Minnesota) Alexander married Amelia Carlson in 1895 in
Minnesota--she was born in Finland 1868 and died in Minnesota in 1905. Her father was Carl Carlson.
He then married Hilda E. Mattson who was born in Finland on Feb 7, 1879 and died
on July 25, 1945 in Minnesota.

Hilda E. Mattsson was born in Nedervetil, but who is Alexander Anderson? He doesn't show up in HisKi.


June Pelo
06-01-04, 21:21

I have a Hilda Elisabet Mattsdotter, b. 7 Feb 1879 in Nedervetil Måsabacka to Matts Henriksson Nygård and Lena Kajsa Johansdotter Jylhä. Matts was called Nygrannas-Matt. I have nothing more about Hilda but she had a sister Hilma and a brother Johan.

You mentioned the name Eklund in Minnesota. My mormor's name was Eklund and her brother was Frans Eklund who lived in Palisade, MN. There were many of my Eklund relatives living around Duluth, Minnesota, but there were none named Alexander. The family name originally was Rif in Finland - from Pedersöre.


Hasse Andtbacka
06-01-04, 23:10
Thank you June,

the information has been passed to the person who did the query.