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June Pelo
26-11-10, 22:36
This is a continuation of a previous posting concerning this family. A relative in Finland is trying to find his wife's relatives who emigrated from Finland. In 1912 they landed in NY headed to join Pekka Vorne/Warne in Flybush, BC, Canada. His wife Katri/Karen, their daughter Lydia Maria, b. 1903, and Karen's sister Maria Haikkonen were traveling with Emil Kesseli. Relatives in Finland think Pekka died 1931, where? and Lydia d. 2001, where? They also think Lydia was married, possibly in 1925 to Leon Ellis, but have no proof. They'd like to know if Lydia had children, and where any of the family is buried. They hope they have some living relatives. Does anyone know any research sites for BC Canada or know of someone who can do some checking for that area?