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06-01-04, 20:00
As we talk about migration, we mean not only the physical movement of people from one country to another.
It is a great opportunity for merging cultures, habits and ways.
But also very often the process brings up much discomfort for accepting countries.

As an example: I received a call from my frined in Italy and she said that Napoli is slowly becoming a Russian-Ukranian city.
There are lots of people from the Middle East in the european countries.

What about Sweden, Finaland? Does it tell?

06-01-04, 20:16
Hi Cooper,
I can't speak to the effects felt in Sweden or Finland but I can comment on the effects of migration where I live (Orlando, Florida).

Florida seems to be a popular destination for hispanic immigrants. The hispanic population has grown tremendously in the 15 years that I've lived in Orlando.

The effects? Billboards, signs, stores, churches, etc, all catering to the spanish speaking people. We have Spanish only television stations, radio stations and most larger phone systems have instructions in Spanish.

I suspect that what I notice is not much different than areas of New York City or San Francisco when masses of foreigners arrived around the 1900s, hence Little Italy, Chinatown, etc.

I would imagine if the influx is great enough, the effects will be more visible.

06-01-04, 20:25
Thanks, Kevin,

I noticed the effects when I stayed in Detroit, Michigan in 2000.

You know that the legislation there is aware of the events of the past, there are many laws supporting the minorities, giving them and their companies financial benefits, what not. (You know much better then myself).
Still, talking to one of the managers of a company, owned by an afro-american man, I heard him saying that it is estimated that by the year 2010 the white population will become a minority.

I will not dwell on the point that the man was unable to answer my question about what they are going to do about it.

What next?
The situation is rather difficult in London, Paris, some German cities.