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Tracy Boeldt
06-09-03, 20:20
I just got this from a parish in Helsinki and I need a translation....

Fanny Augusta Soini, e. Blomqvist
synt. 20.09.1888 Parainen, kuoli 14.10.1959 Kallion seurakunnan jäsenenä leskenä. Vihitty 25.09.1914 ensimmäiseen avioliittoonsa
työmies Hjalmar Soini kanssa, synt. 19.03.1882 sysmä, kuoli 28.05.1946 Eteläisen suomalaisen seurakunnan jäsenenä avioliitossa. Puolisot muuttivat 27.11.1918 Paraisilta Helsinkiin. Avioliitosta ei kirjoissamme ole lapsia.

I know that it's my great aunt, when she was born & death, married to Hjalmar, his birth & death and then something about no children.
I also got 2 more pages with this mail, also in Finnish, but I assume that it's the payment part of it--it asks for 35.11 EUR and something about account number & bank code. This has been a problem for me here in my town, so I have just been sending US dollars for payment. My bank doesn't deal with the EUR and the only bank that does here in town, I'm not a member of , so they want to charge me all sorts of fees! I'm thinking of just sending 40 US dollars to them--is that enough? Thanks to Hasse & Gita for allthe help the pass few days!

Gunnar Damström
07-09-03, 20:54
Fanny Augusta Soini, nee Blomqvist, born September 20, 1888 in Pargas, died October 14, 1959 in the (Helinki) parish of Kallio as a widow. Married September 25, 1914 in her first marriage to laborer Hjalmar Soini, born March 19, 1882 in Sysmä, died May 28, 1946 in the (Helsinki) South Finnish Parish as married. The couple moved from Pargas to Helsinki November 27, 1918. According to our books the couple had no children.

Tracy Boeldt
21-04-19, 11:06
I was told that I couldn't have records.... until 50 years....I don't even think I'll be alive for those

23-04-19, 07:14
Heavens, what information did you specifically ask for? There should be no information that should take that long to get that I can think of. Gaining access to the physical books themselves might be impossible (churches are generally speaking quite stingy about this), but they do give out the information after... usually tolerable waiting times.