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June Pelo
08-01-04, 22:03
Ole Granholm from Österbottningen newspaper sent me an article he wrote concerning a book about Kotkama written by Erik Eriksson. The book covers the early settlement of the village, the origin of the name, the fact that now and then Kotkama has been part of Peldokorpi in Kelviå. Jöns Olofsson Storkotka's name was mentioned and in 1598 he owned 1/4 mantal. In 1605 he was in Korplax village and then in 1633 he was in Peldokorpi.

He mentions Abraham Michelsson who was appointed sexman. During the 1820s there were 8 families in Kotkama. A. Haglund wrote a letter from America about life in Portland, Oregon. The families of Hagkvist, Öhrnberg, Kotka, Haglund and Stenberg are mentioned in the book. Eriksson lists some notable people as Walfred Kotka, Johan Emil Haglund, Helena Johanna Rudqvist, Albert Nybacka. He covers the 1808-09 war and the roaming Russian cossacks who brought grief to the villagers. At the end of the book is a genealogy of the families Kotka, Kotkama and Lillkotka.

The book is 312 pages and can be purchased for 25 euro.