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June Pelo
08-01-04, 22:15
Norden newspaper states that Europe continues to prefer European autos. German and French cars are sold mostly in Western Europe, while Toyota is the preferred car in Finland. The most popular car in Europe is the Peugeot 206, followed by the VW Golf. Renault Clio is in third place before Peugeot 307 and Ford Focus. Three of the four most popular cars are French. In Finland the top three cars are Toyota, Volkswagen and Ford.


10-01-04, 16:23
Thanks for the thread!

It got to be popular, I believe.

Only yesterday I wtched a TV program where they discussed the car preferences of the people who buy second-hand cars from Germany to use them in Russia.

The most popular seem to be the Audi, VW and the French makes.
I have a Mazda 626 myself but have to admit that being excellent from every point of view, this car, like many Japaneese ones, has too low a clearance for our extremely bad roads.

That is why off-road cars are so popular in Russia.


Margaret Rader
10-01-04, 19:45
What happened to the SAAB, which is a Swedish car I believe.

11-01-04, 12:05
Dear Margaret,

Saab and Volvo, the world-famous and popular cars are, naturally, among the best and the most reliable in the whole world.
But! There is always a but...

First of all, for us in Russia they are significantly more expensive themselves. The spare parts are much more expensive than those for the German of French makes, hense, the price of the servicing is also high.

Only wealthy people buy these cars here.