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09-01-04, 19:13
Lately, when I open Finlander, there are "no newmail" checks lit up on the left margin. However, when I check the dates on the right side, there has been mail entered since i last looked at the material. So now I look for dates of posting, since the yellow check mark don't seem to be functioning. Am I doing something wrong when I leave Finlander?

09-01-04, 20:33
According to the documentation for the software on which Finlander is built the unread flag can be cleared depending on a cookie setting which is read from ones own PC. The time set in the cookie is now 900 seconds, ie.:

"This is the time in seconds that a user must remain inactive before the unread posts are reset to read."

If the browser (Explorer/Netscape) works ok and the date/time settings are working in both server and client end of the line the "unread" flag should be reset to "read" after 900 seconds of inactivity - when you are logged on and inactive.

Remember that there is always also a function to list the messages from, for example, xx last days if you think you have missed something.

09-01-04, 20:44
Thanks! I apologize for being so impatient.

09-01-04, 21:22

No need to apologize. I have also wondered about this feature in the software after having the laptop on-line unattended for a couple of hours - only to see that there were "no new messages".