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June Pelo
01-01-11, 22:53
I have a request for information about this Klockars family of Höstves, Malax - but have no definite dates.

Abraham Klockars had a son Edvin, who had a son Karl, b. ca 1950, who lives in Chicago. Is it possible to find any family that fits - Höstves is a small place and perhaps there's a family with these individuals.


14-06-11, 14:20
Hi June!

My name is Johanna, my grandfather Elis who is from Höstves in Österbotten did a lot of research on the family Klockars while he was still alive. I saw your request (actually through Facebook) and the name was really familiar.

I'm not sure if this is the person you are looking for, I did however find, in my grandfathers old research papers here in Höstves an Edvin, born in 12/2-1895 who emigrated to the US with his family in 1905. He's mother, Elisabeth, is a sister of my great, great grandfather, Johan Alfred Berg (He was originally Klockars, but started to use the name Berg). I could not find any other Edvin in the Klockars family from Höstves, however the years don't seem to add upp, Ambraham Kockars in this case had a grandson, Edvin and since he is born in 1895 I don't really get it to add up to him having a son 1950... I hope this information might be of help to you in any case!

I have tried to take photos of the research, it's from the church reccords and was written in 1945. I'll attach them here, I hope they might be of help to you, they are however in Swedish. Just let me know if I can help clarify anything.

Best regards,


This is the family tree where Edvin is found.

Abraham Ambrahamsson Sabel (f. 29/3 1816 d. 10/7 1875), started to use the name Klockars when he came to Höstves in 1840-1841. He married Anna Kajsa Adolfsdotter Berg in 1835. They had 12 children (I'm sorry, I don't have the time to write all of them, I hope you can see the names and dates in the photos.)

N.6. Elisabet (f.4/4 1871) married Johan Emil Gärdström (f.5/6 1871)
Olivia Elisabet (f. 2/7 1892)
Edvin Emil (f.12/2 1895)
They all left to the US in 1905.

N12. Johan Alfred (f.28/7 1883 d.26/7 1936)

14-06-11, 14:23
And here is the rest of the photos...


June Pelo
14-06-11, 18:09

Thank you for all the information. I'll contact Jeremy Klockars and ask if he thinks this is part of his family. I appreciate your taking time to make copies of all those pages, and I am able to read them. I also noted that you are a fairly new member of tthe Finlander Forum. Welcome.

14-06-11, 20:50
I'm glad you could read them! And yes, I only joined when I saw this request. My grandfather did a lot of research on our family so if you have any more questions I can see what I can find in his old papers.
It would be great fun if this was Jeremys family, in that case we are actually related. :)



June Pelo
14-06-11, 21:21

Jeremy is out of town, but from what I can find, his third great grandmother was Anna Margareta Abrahamsdotter Klockars, 1792-1865. I have relatives in Malax who also have Klockars in their family, but I don't think they are connected to the Höstves Klockars.

15-06-11, 00:57
Hello again,

I couldn't find any record of Anna Margareta, are you sure that it's a family from Höstves? It's to bad, I just left Finland for this summer so I can't really check the other papers that covers more of Höstves families right now. As far as I know, Klockars in the surrounding area as well (As you say, Malax for example.) I'll see if I can find information if there where any other Klockars in Höstves at that time, but I don't think so.


June Pelo
15-06-11, 01:16
The info. I have shows his farfarfarfar was Herman Israelsson Klockars, b. 1 Oct 1826, Höstves, d. 30 Oct 1891, married to Maria Isaksdr. Berg, b. 10 Aug 1828. They had a sonKarl Edvard, b. 2 Nov 1869 married to Ida Jakob-Hermansdotter Berg,a b. 29 Oct 1877, Korsholm. They emigrated to Gardner, MA where they married.

Herman's mother was Anna Abrahamsdr. Klockars, daughter of Abraham Jöransson Klockars, b. 13 Apr 1766, Höstves.