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Karen Norwillo
13-01-11, 21:14
This is in reply to a PM from Olof for info on Ernst Waldermar Dahlberg, Johan Alfred Dahlberg and Edward Walderman. He asked if I could help him find info about them in the US.
I found Ernst easily and abit about Edward. Attached are what I found. May need to do in 2 posts due to size.352035213522

Karen Norwillo
13-01-11, 21:20
3523352435253526Here's the rest. Took me awhile to figure out the new system.
Ernest Dahlberg 10 May 1891-Mar 1970 Benton Harbor, Berrien, MI
All sources Ancestry.com

Karen Norwillo
14-01-11, 02:48
3531I'm wondering if Olof gave me the incorrect data for John Alfred Dahlberg and it should be Walderman? In 1900 in Bronx, NY, I found on the same page Edward Walderman and a John A Walderman born Apr 1900 in NY. He gave me a birth date of 13 Apr 1900 in NY. They use Russia as country, but that's not unusual for using this for Finland in early census.

Karen Norwillo
14-01-11, 16:42
:oNot Olof's error, my error. I wrote down the wrong surname for John Alfred Walderman.

14-01-11, 16:45
That happens.

Karen Norwillo
14-01-11, 17:48
I tried your email and it came back as undeliverable. I'll post the rest of the info here.
I found a passport application for John Alfred Walderman dated July 7,1923. Says he left US in 1904 and returned 1923. Father had died, was living in Mustasaari with mother. John Alfred Walderman 13 Apr 1900 NY, died 14 Aug 1975 in Chicago, Cook, IL
Copy available from County Clerk file#619593 Cook County Genealogy Death Records.
Ignore the photo and info on the left of the passport. Only info on right is his.
Don't know where Sofie Walderman was in 1920 or where they were in 1930. Cannot find, as yet.
I'll see if if I can find anything on the 3 Dahlberg children.

Karen Norwillo
14-01-11, 18:19
I found Ernest and Caroline Dahlberg in Kniebes Cemetery, Bainbridge township, Berrien county, MI.
Ernest Dahlberg 78 yrs obit Mar 4, 1970
Caroline Amalia Dahlberg 79 yrs Sept 22, 1969 burial

Karen Norwillo
14-01-11, 20:08
I found the marriage of John Alfred's parents.
Johannes Walderman and Ida C Jarf were married 12 March 1899 in Manhattan county, NY. Cert#4182
Source: Italian Genealogical Group (they do all nationalities on the Marriage List)