View Full Version : Anyone with a knowledge ab freemasons?

14-01-11, 21:49
Does all freemasons get a special ring? My fathers cousin inherited a ring that belonged to my great grandfather. Maybe I can get in hold of a picture if anyone has the possibility or knowledge about these kind of things. I´m trying to find out if my great grandfather Otto Jakobsson Präst (Otto Jackson) used multiply names or what lodge he was a member of.


13-03-11, 00:05
I can't speak for all lodges but, it was not a custom in my lodge. Generally a mason will buy a ring to show their membership in the society but it is not mandatory. As for finding out what lodge he belonged to, contact the Grand Lodge that has the jurisdiction for the locality you are searching. Explain why you are searching and I'm sure they will assist you.

14-03-11, 10:55
Thank You very much. I´ll try that/best regards Anneli