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15-01-11, 02:45

Last year, with the agreement of Family Tree, we have started a new Finland-based DNA study project. It is called:

Naerpes_Naerpioe (Närpes / Närpiö)

The web site for this new DNA project is located at:


At this page, you can learn about the project. We invite both males and females with a connection to Närpes / Närpiö to join this group.

I am Co-Administrator with Olle Smeds.

For questions about this study, we can be reached at:

Nicholas Smith / iisentaku*yahoo.com (English speakers only)

Olle Smeds / olle.smeds*gmail.com (Swedish & Finnish speakers)

All good wishes for 2011.


18-01-11, 12:40

Are you also allowing folks that have taken the Family Finder test to join?

I ask because I know that there are some that have taken only Family Finder and have not done mtDNA nor Y-DNA, but because the autosomes are going to be more telling, they should also be allowed.

18-01-11, 18:08

Thanks for asking this very important question. My immediate answer is: For the moment, I don't know.

We did not plan for this type of test result, and we are not (yet) set up for it. Still, if we can work out how to correctly and properly manage such results within the study project, we would certainly like to include these people and their results.

I was planning to contact FT DNA anyway, so I will add this to my questions list. As it may take awhile for us to figure this out, I won't promise a quick reply -- but we will reply after we have an answer, and, I hope, a plan for inclusion.


18-01-11, 22:44
OK, Thanks.

By the way, I'm sure you are already aware that as a group administrator, you can use the Family Finder matrix for those in your project that have actually done the Family Finder test already.

24-01-11, 21:50

Just received word from FT DNA that, No, the study is not able to match Family Finder directly--within the project's data files. Here is the reply I received today:

" People that tested Family Finder can only be compared among themselves. You cannot compare Y-DNA test with Family Finder test. Those are two completely different tests."

As I understand this, if you have results that correspond to the Y-DNA tests, located at Family Tree DNA, they can be included in this study.

Also, as this is a -Dual Geographic' study, we are also able to accept mtDNA. Again, the study must be joined from FT DNA--and for the mtDNA part of the study, the specific HVR1 and HVR2 mtDNA results--only--can then be included.

Hope you can see a way to join…


28-01-11, 09:34
Of course, but that was not what I said.

Anyone that has taken a Family Finder test, as well as either mtDNA or Y-DNA, and is also coming from the area or has relatives showing up in their list, could be in the group so that you as an admin can look and compare via the matrix.

In other words, I mean that any of your existing members and new members that have a FF test, you can compare in your matrix.

Did I make sense or was that more confusing than before?

Sorry, sometimes it's hard to explain what I mean in written form.

28-01-11, 16:18
If I understand your reply correctly, you are saying that those who have taken a Y test and/or a mtDNA test, as well as a FF test, should be able to be included in the study.

Based on the reply I have received from FT DNA, it is necessary to have the ability to upload specific Y results, or mtDNA results, in order to be included. One can only have these results if one has taken a specific Y test, or mtDNA test.

So, I believe that if your Y-ony results can be uploaded, you can join the Y part of the study. And, the same for your mtDNA results.

In any case, I invite those who want to join to use the 'Join' button on the study. From that use, we will see what FT DNA allows, in practice.

Thanks for asking abut this possible situation of the FF test.