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Karen Norwillo
11-01-04, 16:54
I'm looking for information on my uncle, Frans (Frank) Westerlund. He was born 14 Aug 1888, possibly in Pori, Finland. He came to the US and settled in Michigan. He was married to my father's sister, Cecilia Sulasalmi. He died 16 Mar 1976. My cousin knows nothing about his family in Finland. Can anyone help? Karen Norwillo

12-01-04, 01:12
What town in Michigan? Might be a Swedish language church there so something to search at Swenson:)


12-01-04, 03:53
Dear Karen,
Have you explored Ellis Island? It's free. On their data, Frans Westerlund shows up travelling from Southampton to New York on Oct. 13, 1909, to Mendocino City CA to a brother Viktor. Left a mother Edla Westerlund in Räfsö/Reposaari, Björneborg/Pori. I found no record of a Westerlund Frans nor a Viktor in the Order of Runeberg obituaries.
However, one of the most productive researchers into Swedish Finnish emigrants, K-G Olin, includes Victor in his name index in Guld och Röda Skogar: and I translate
Westerlund Victor, from Björneborg, to USA 1901, 19 years old, first in Mendocino 1901, married to Tyyne 1914, moved to Caspar 1924. Even called John, born ca 1883, dwelt in Caspar, died in Fort Bragg 1949, from Mendocine historical resource card in Kelly House museum.
Hope this helps.

Karen Norwillo
12-01-04, 20:46
Thank you all. I do have some of that info, but the addition of that of his brother, Viktor, will be a big help to my cousin in researching her ancestors. The town was Crystal Falls, MI. Thank you. Karen

14-01-04, 22:25
Finnish Lutheran Church, S 27-3
Swedish Lutheran Church, S 27-2

I did not find a Westerlund or a Sulasalmi in either church that fit your quest so cannot help with Finnish side data.

Karen Norwillo
15-01-04, 17:10
Chuck, Thank you for your efforts. My grandparents, Sulasalmi, were members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. I know J.J. Hoikka was the pastor there when my father was baptised in 1913. Karen

15-01-04, 22:06
Hi Karen,
I do remember the name of the pastor. I will just have to look once again. Sometimes pages are missing in these old records.
One of these days I am going to take those Finnish churches that are here at Swenson and just write down the names to put at the finnish gen site or someplace useful

16-01-04, 04:06
Hi Karen,

In the Heritage Quest Scandinavians in the 1910 US Federal Census index I found details for both Frank and Victor in Big River California.

WESTERLUND Frank age 20 b. Fin CA Mendocino County Big River Twp T624 roll 88 Part 2 Page 74 Subpage B

WESTERLUND Victor age 27 b. Fin CA Mendocino County Big River Twp T624 roll 88 Part 2 page 72 subpage A

The index only lists Heads of Household and different names at the address. You will need to look at the census for other family members. Hopefully it will help to get the ball rolling.

Good luck with your search.


16-01-04, 04:33
The 1910 census shows he came to the US in 1909. Could this be him? (From Ellis Island site)

Name: Westerlund, Frans

Ethnicity: Finland, Finnish

Place of Residence: Pori, Finland

Date of Arrival: October 21, 1909

Age on Arrival: 18y

Gender: M

Marital Status: S

Ship of Travel: Oceanic

Port of Departure: Southampton, Southamptonshire, England, UK

16-01-04, 04:36
Just read Syrene's message with this same info in it. :(

The census says Victor arrived 1902 but I don't see an exact match on Ellis Island.

16-01-04, 04:47
There are some Westerlunds in Pori according to Hiski during the time period of Frank. There was not a record of Frank born in Aug of 1888. There was a Martha Maria born Oct of 1888.

Makes me wonder if the Frans on Ellis Island is the same one you're looking for?


16-01-04, 04:54
Hi again,
Just checked the 1910 index and though there are a few Westerlunds/linds/lands, no Franks that seem to match.

I also tried Migration Institute but their site is apparently down today.

He does show up in the SSDI (I assume you saw that). You could write to the Social Security Administration and request his application. That might contain some details for you. Last I checked they charged $27 for the copy.


16-01-04, 22:12
Hi Karen,
1. Finnish church ministerial records do not go beyond 1909.
2. The latest entry in the membership record was dated March 3, 1917 [on page 11] so that suggests it was being updated.
3. I did not locate on the S register or W register, check the combined attachment for that. Anything about Sulasalmi or Westerlund. With all of Rev. Hoikka's travels around the UP, it is possible that there was an oversight and no record was made.
4. I did learn that Reverend Hoikka and his Swedish church counterpart Reverend Engström travled extensively in that desolate and remote region. In both the Finnish and Swedish church membership lists are identical tributes to Reverend Hoikka which I fotocopied and will put up at sfhs when I learn where it should be posted.

Karen Norwillo
17-01-04, 18:10
Chuck, Again, thank you for your efforts. I have my father's original baptismal certificate dated 14 Dec 1913 and signed by J.J. Hoikka. I also have his confirmation photo (group) with the minister. Unfortunately, it is not dated, nor is anyone identified, including the minister. I would imagine it was taken abt. 1926-28. If you run across a picture of Pastor Hoikka, I would love to have a copy. Karen

June Pelo
17-01-04, 21:25

Here's a picture of Pastor Hoikka when he was at Abigail Lutheran Church in East Tawas, MI.


June Pelo
17-01-04, 21:31

Once again, I'm sending his picture. Must be some gremlins at work somewhere...