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06-09-03, 20:40
After using Family Tree Maker for a few years, I was happy to see a new genealogy program come out. Roots Magic came out earlier this year. I like Family Tree Maker, especially the tree views; however, there were other things I considered annoyances, like only being able to see 2 generations (i.e., parents and children).

I've only begun to explore all the features of Roots Magic but what I've seen is really nice. Things like:

5 generations at a glance
Ease of data entry
Handling of an imported GEDCOM
Relationship Calculator
Comprehensive Source Management
Notes - ToDo Lists
Customizable Interface

Here's the website where you can download a trial version of the software: www.rootsmagic.com

Hope this helps anyone who is interested in finding a good genealogy software program.

June Pelo
06-09-03, 23:02
I haven't used Roots Magic, but it was creaated by the person who created my present program Family Origins and they have the same features. Someday when I'm ready to make the change, it will be to Roots Magic. If you take Smart Computing magazine you'll read the highly favorable review they gave to Roots Magic. And they previously endorsed Family Origins.