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Ingemar Ekman
12-01-04, 18:56
An interesting book is "En Föglöemigrantsmemoarer" written by Hjördis M. Sundblom, published in December 2003 to the benefit of Åland Emigrant institute, 120 pages, 25 euro.

Hjördis is born in Föglö on a small island close to the church. She emigrated as 15 years old to Sweden and than 2 years later to USA. She had an eventful life in America.

The book is in Swedish and I have read the book with big pleasure and it gives an understanding how it was to become an emigrant. Hjördis returned home to Åland after 52 years in America.

The book is written in a natural style and all the photographs raise the book to a masterpiece among the books about emigrants.

12-01-04, 19:42
An excerpt in English from this Memoire is included in the most recent copy of SFHS Quarterly, thanks to the editor, Gunnar Damström. The Quarterly and the biannual Membership Roster which lists family name and village of origin, is one of the perqs of supporting the society through a paid membership.