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Ingemar Ekman
12-01-04, 19:11
Hi Finlanders,

During my last week in Åland, I lived mostly of the time at my friends, the family Biskop in Mariehamn.

Are any of the members in the Finlander list descendants to Frijs and Wenelius from Österbotten, as the family Biskop ?

References: The genealogy book published 1956 " Lars Frijs i Karleby och hans ättlingar" and the old and interesting diary from about 1850 written by Johan Wenelius, printed and published 1990, are about this familywe are looking for.

Best Regards,

Hasse Andtbacka
12-01-04, 19:53

I am a descendant to Lars Frijs.

Wenelius' diary is familiar to me. He wrote there about Abraham Rasmus, who was my maternal grandmother's father.


Jim Bailey
02-02-04, 20:19
Hi, All ---

My mother's niece Irma Sandstrom Seemuth has FRIIS ancestors back to a LARS FRIIS.

Irma (who left nine children, now all grown and mostly married with children) was the daughter of my mother's sister Mildred. The FRISS connection comes through Mildred's marriage to a Lester Seemuth.

So, I don't have FRIIS ancestors, but my cousins do ... and one of them is VERY active in genealogy. I'm trying to get her to participate in SFHS and Finlander.

To me, this is a collateral branch but, by sheer coincidence, I started doing Hiski and Family-Search research last night on this FRIIS branch. I have only begun but have a fair amount of information already.

I will notify my cousin of the book mentioned here. I would also appreciate any related information and am, of course, willing to share everything I have.

All the best,

Jim Bailey
Greenfield, Indiana

02-02-04, 20:30
There should be a lot of Lars Friis material in Talko, both on his descendants and his two wives' ancestry.

June Pelo
02-02-04, 22:02
I have the book "Lars Friis i Karleby och hans ättlingar". It's rather out of date and I've been helping Marcus Prest gather data about descendants in the US - he hopes to update the book. There are many descendants who belonged to Finngen and some belong to Finlander. Lars Friis married twice and had 10 children in the first marriage and 11 in the second - so there are many descendants from those children. His second wife Maria Jurvelius was a Sursill descendant. I've translated some parts of the book and put them on the Net. I'll include one here. I have a longer detailed article about Lars Friis and his descendants if someone wants it.