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13-01-04, 16:51

My name is Gwenda Dove. As a returnee to this site after a lengthy break, it has changed somewhat, so hopefully I am hitting the right buttons. I am Australian, married to an Englishman and have lived in England (in "bootiful Norfolk") for the past 26 years. We have one daughter who has inherited the travel bug from us and is currently in Canada, heading for Australia next month.

I have only been to Finland once, when I was in my early 20`s, and that is a LONG time ago! I have a "cousin" there whom I correspond with by snail mail as she is not on email. We have never met, but hopefully that will be remedied one day. Her grandfather and my grandfather (on my mother`s side) were brothers.

I am researching the name of Sundberg from Nykarleby. My grandfather, Matts Sundberg was born in Smedsbacca, Nykarleby in 1865. In the famine of 1877 he left home with just a piece of bread in his pocket. Thereby hangs quite a lengthy tale which eventually resulted in him jumping ship in South Australia and settling there after marrying my grandmother. I will be happy to oblige with the in between bits of the story if anyone is interested.

I am looking forward to a long and happy association with Finlander.


13-01-04, 17:19
Hi Gwenda and welcome!

Sounds like quite a story. :)

13-01-04, 18:06
Welcome back. SFHS has so little material about the Australian Swedish Finn immigrants! Do you have any historical societies to suggest as resources in Australia?
Syrene Forsman

13-01-04, 18:33
Hi Syrene

That`s another name I remember from last time. I don`t know of any Swedish/Finn/Australian historical resources off hand but will send a message to the South Australian genealogy mailing list and see what I can come up with.

Nice to be back