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June Pelo
13-01-04, 18:35
I just returned from a long weekend visiting my cousin Gunda who has retired to Florida. She was born in Finland and became a stewardess on Pan Am in the 1960s. Then Delta took over Pan Am and she flew with them on international flights until she recently retired. We had a great time looking at hundreds of old photos, listening to the many interesting stories she has, and then she played the piano for us many times (she studied music at the Sibelius Music Academy and is an excellent pianist.) Here is a picture of her when she was with Pan Am - she was one of the prettiest of the crew. Sorry the picture isn't very good - it is old and faded.


17-01-04, 19:15
Dear June,

Thank you for the thread!

I have just returned from a business visit to St. Petersburg, Russia, where my Godson used to work for Pan Am as Chief of ramp opeartion, just before Pan Am went bancrupt.

I still have some souvenirs from that time to remind of this great company.

Give my best regards to your cousin, please.