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13-01-04, 19:38
Heather Anderson asked for information about Anna Sten , Korsnäs in her member presentation. I think this forum is the right place to give information.
Anna Sten b. 31.1.1865 in Korsnäs
Father: Erik Gabrielsson Sten b.19.2.1835 in Korsnäs
Mother: Anna Greta Jossdotter Uddfolk b.1833 in Lappfjärd

Father of Erik Gabr. Sten: Gabriel Gabrielsson Sten b.1783 in Malax
Mother of ErikGabr. Sten: Ulrica Eliasdotter b.19.4.1791

Father of Anna Greta Jossdr. Uddfolk: Josef Josefsson Uddfolk
Mother of Anna Greta Jossdr. Uddfolk: Maja Greta ?

Anna Greta Sten emigrated to Westport PA in 1899,Ellis Island
says 7.8.1899. Her age is marked as 30years.must be 34.
She brought her sisterdaughter Hulda Lång b.17.4.1888 with her to USA Ellis Island record says that her Anna´s sister Sofia Lång
b.8.12.1959 lived in New Haven Connectitut. Sofia emigrated in1896( Ellis ISland 8.9.1896) after her husband died in january 1896.
Anna Greta married 5.7.1900 in Bitumen to Andrew Anderson
Children Agnes b. 1901 in Westport married to Carl Stenman
Berger b.1902 in Westport married to Marie Ella Greene
Ellen b. 1906 in Westport married to Henry Kisko
Rest of these familys you probably know.

Anna Greta Stens son Gabriel Edvard Sten b. 12.6.1888 in Bergö emigrated to USA in 1904. Ellis Island record says 2.9.1904
to Westport to his mother, with him travelled Karl Sten, i think it
was Anna Greta´s brother
Gabriel Edvard Sten married Ingeborg Krokfors from Karleby, Finland. Gabriel died about 1950 in Seattle, WA.Perhaps someone
in Sfhs can get information about his deathdate.

Children: Sylvia b.30.11.1909 d.7.4.1998 CA USA
Runar b. in USA

I got a feeling that Gabriel and his family changed their name to Stone. i looked in 1930 census index but couldn´t find any Sten with these given names but i found Stone with these given names
I havent access to 1930 census for the moment so i couldn´t checkTry to ask someone for census lookup for you.

I got information about these people from Korsnäs churchbook.Ellis Island record and the database of Vasanejdens Släktforskare.

Anna Greta Stens father Erik Gabr. Sten hade a sister Stina Sofia
b.1824 that is my wife Marlenes grgrgrgrmother.That means that your husband Dennis and Marlene are related in 5 generation.

Hope that this information will help you a bit in your research.

christer westergård
Korsholm, Finland

13-01-04, 20:57
Thank you very much!

I had found some of that through other people on this board and received contacts for relatives that we didn't know existed!

I did not however, have Anna Greta Jossdotter's parentage or Gabriel's daughter Sylvia.

I also do not have ANY information on Anna's father Erik (other than his name is erik because she's Eriksdotter)

You do mean Anna "Maria" went to amerika in 1899 right? You said Anna Greta. I found a couple US census that state she was naturalized here in 1892 but have found no documents to certify which date is correct. She is found on several ships back and forth from Westport to Finland and vice versa. I've also noticed her age is different on every ship.

Anna and Anders (Andrew) also had another daughter named Ellen born 1904 who died in infancy and a daughter Lillian b. 1910 (Lilly's son Jim died a few weeks ago and she has another son Eugene who I keep in touch with on the net. They were both raised by Anna as Lilly died young.)

Since I've begun searching I've found Anna and Ander's cemetery stones and a few photos of them as well as a book of Ander's that I had thought was maybe a passport but someone else said it was maybe a military log from Sweden. Once the snow is gone here I'll be out taking photos of their stones and homestead.

I'm looking foward to seeing all these puzzle pieces come together and am trying to get to Finland perhaps next year to take photos and see the places they came from. Also to research of course!

If you'd like anything I have please let me know. I've not got much pre1888 yet but I have all to the present in our line Anna's son Berger's descendent's. I'd of course love to see what you might have on your wife's line and photos of distant relatives! I have a few that I'm trying to identify. They came from Anna and Andrew but noone knows who they are. They could be from either family.

Thank you again!

13-01-04, 22:18
Hi again Heather

Sorry that i wrote "Anna Greta instead of Anna Maria" i didnt
recognize it myself when a posted the mail.I dont think Anna Maria emigrated before 1899 because i have copy of her passport
information from emigrantinstitute and its issued 20.7.1899 and
in Korsnäs churchbok is a note about her passport to Amerika in1899.I´ll check this up for you again at same time i can check about Erik Gabr. Sten and see if we get something else interesting.
I do like to have the information you got on Andersons until present so i can fill up my wife´s book of relatives.You can
contact me when you are planning your trip to Finland,our daughter lives in Korsnäs so i know the place pretty well.
We are plannig a visit to USA this year to visit my wife`s relatives
in Minneapolis and Brantwood, Wisconsin, im trying to find relatives to my grrandfather who emigrated to Bessemer MI
in early 1900. Rumer says he was murdered there for some reason.He hade 2 children so i guess i might have some relatives
overthere if i´m lucky. I´m also tracking my mother´s aunt who had 7 children.They lived in Bronx, New York in 1930 census.
As you can see we got many reasons to visit USA.


14-01-04, 02:26
Merle Reinikke's death certificates for King County"
Stone, Gabriel Edward, b june 12, 1888. D. Apreil 24 1924, Columbus Sanitarium, Seattle WA . Cause of death: Sirgical shock following operation for gastric ulcers. Divorced. Floow Layer, Standard Hard Floors. FAther Babriel Stone B. Finland. Mother Anna stone B. Finland Burial Apri 30, 1924, Lake View Cemetery Seattle WA
Syrene Forsman

14-01-04, 23:58
Thank you Syrene! I didn't think the surgery for ulcers was even permitted until 1940's. Guess that's why!

Christer, if you make it to Pennsylvania please feel free to stop in! We have plenty of room to put you up or there's a bed and breakfast right down the road run by our friends. We live about an hour from where Anna is buried and lived. Many relatives here would love to meet your family!

I could only find the passport for 1899 as well and found her passenger record in 1899. However, there were stories passed down to her grandchildren about her being a servant in New York City, New York before going to Westport,PA. And also the census for Westport, PA it is written she was naturalized in 1892. Also the passenger record in 1899 says she had been in the USA before.

Another story was Gabriel's origin. It was said that she was engaged to be married and the night before the wedding her intended got drunk and stuffed up the chimney with a bedsheet making the fresh cleaned house (ready for the wedding) black with soot. She refused to marry him because of this and was cast out of the house pregnant with his child. This was in 1888.

I will ask again of her grandson Eugene(who she raised) If he remembers any more stories of her emigration but he's not very willing to discuss Anna's "disgrace".

She was a very religious person who did not allow the children to believe in "Santa" and ruled the house with a firm hand. But she also took the time to sit and chat on the front porch swing and Eugene recounted a time that she gave him a gift (the only gift he ever remembers her giving). That gift was a puzzle. She had borrowed a neighbors puzzle and traced and cut all the pieces and pictures onto cardboard and gave it to him. And he's very protective of her memory!