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14-01-04, 19:39
I guess its on time for me to introduce myself.My name is Christer Westergård 50years, married and have 3 children and 1grandson.
I live with my wife in Korsholm,neighbourparish to Vasa.Finland.Running a company i Vasa.Our children are moved out so i got more time for genalogy researching now. I got the interest in genealogy research from my mother that´s been active researcher for more than 30 years.I´m trying to find distans relatives on my mothers´s side in New York and Michigan or wherever they lives,thats why i´m so often in this site if you have noticed. I haven´t succeed very good yet in finding my relatives but i hope to get some answers to my querys.
Common names in my family are Back, Kloo, Loo, Westergård, Nääs, Beijar, Bäck.

15-01-04, 06:56
Välkommen ombords!

17-01-04, 19:26
Dear Christer,

Happy to have you here with us!