View Full Version : Ruskeala

Sören Ahinko
14-01-04, 21:26
Is there anyone who have been in Ruskeala, Karelia?
I wonder if there is a dangereous place to visit?

Lots of my finnish friends are warning me to go there. They say that " russian maffia" is ruling there. Is that really so?

My grandfather moved to Ruskeala 1930, but I don`t know when he moved back to Finland.
And I think it would be very interesting to go there and see how it looks like.
And maybe find out where my grandfather have lived.

14-01-04, 21:43
Hi Sören,
I can't speak for Karelia but I work with a guy from Russia. He has recently told me stories of terrible corruption and lawlessness in Russia. He has family still living there and they report often of the tough times.