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21-01-11, 18:13
My wife's great-grandparents were Frans Leander Luoma, born 27. January 1889 in Karijoki, Vassanlaani. Story is that his father deserted himself and his mother and his mother remarried and had five children, but Frans went to live with an unmarried Aunt. He came to Dekalb, Illinois, U.S.A. from Kristiina in 1909. His wife was Lydia Amanda Lehtonen, born 21. December 1888 in Multia, Vassanlaani and according to information given to me she was daughter of Nehemias Davidenpoika Pihtimaki and Kaisa Juhontytar. The story is that when she was eight years old her father died and there were six children in her family. Lydia came to America in 1911 from Valkeakoski, settling in DeKalb, Illinois. She and Frans were married in DeKalb in 1912 and later settled in central Wisconsin (Owen-Withee area).

Would especially be interested to learn of descendants of Lydia's siblings. My wife and I will probably visit Helsinki in a few months, our first time in Europe.
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23-01-11, 23:55
Additional information I have recently learned is that Lydia Amanda Lehtonen was daughter of Nehemias Davidinpoika PIHTIMAKI (born 11. July 1840 in Multia, son of David Davidenpoika and Anna Constantia) and Kaisa (Katarina) Juhantytar. Parents were married on 8. August 1886 in Multia. Children born in Multia were Hemming Pihtimaki, born 30. November 1886; Alma Elina Pihtimaki, born 11. July 1891; Olga Kristina Pihtimaki, born 24. July 1894 (changed name to Utumaki). Also have an old photo of Olga and Hilda (sisters of Lydia) as young women in Finland. Interested to know of any descendants. One was probably Pauli Rantanen who lived at Virpitie 13, SAVIO Finland in early 1990's. Not known if he or wife, Kirsti, are still living or not.