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22-01-11, 02:55
My husbands Grand Father was Juho Herman Nivala. Born in Nivala Finland June 21, 1880. His wife was Hilda Haapakoski. I know he came to the US in 1905 but I am having a tough time finding his birth record and her birth records. Can someone help me?

Jaska Sarell
22-01-11, 09:04
It appears that Juho Herman was born in neighboring parish Haapavesi before family moved to Nivala in 1881:
Father: Matti Matinpoika Nivala, b. 1 Mar 1849 in Nivala
Mother: Greeta Sofia Liisantytär, b. 1 Dec 1858 in Haapavesi
Matti (Matts) appears here (http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/nivala/rippikirja_1846-1854_ik394/229.htm) as a child.
His paternal grandparents have moved from Kälviä, where father Matts Jakobsson was born (http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski?en+t4093834).

Not really my territory :(

:) Jaska

22-01-11, 17:47
Thank you so much. No wonder I couldn't find him I was looking in the wrong spot. Thanks again :)

Tapio Rautio
23-01-11, 14:30
Hello Laurie!

Funny thing for You to know, would be that Juho Herman is the second cousin to President Kallios wife,
Kaisa Nivala 28.05.1878-24.11.1954.



1. Storpassoja Thomas Johansson, b. 02.12.1789 Kälviä, (parents Roukala Johan Andersson and Storpassoja Malin Matsdr). spouse Kolppanen Maria Eriksdr, married 07.10.1810 Kälviä, b. 21.10.1787 Kälviä, (parentsKolppanen Erik Jakobsson and Tuomaala-Wähäjoki Karin Simontytär)
2. i. Passoja Lovisa Christina Thomasdr b. 28.12.1829.
3. ii. Passoja Anna Lisa Thomasdr b. 18.04.1823.


2. Passoja Lovisa Christina Thomasdr, b. 28.12.1829 Kälviä Nivala , Rippikirja, 1846-1854 Kuva 219. spouse Saukko-Häkkilä Magnus Johansson, b. 17.09.1827 Sievi Nivala , Rippikirja, 1846-1854 Kuva 219, (parents Saukko Johan Johansson and Kangas-Sikala Susanna Johansdr).
4. i. Raitala Maria Magnusdr b. 05.07.1854.

3. Passoja Anna Lisa Thomasdr, b. 18.04.1823 Kälviä. spouse Tikkanen Matti Jaakonpoika, married 08.10.1842 Kälviä, b. 26.12.1817 Kälviä, (parents Tikanoja Jaakko Matinpoika and Vuolle Anna Jaakontytär).
5. i. Nivala Matti Matinpoika b. 01.03.1849.


4. Raitala Maria Magnusdr, b. 05.07.1854 Nivala, d. 24.07.1929 Nivala. spouse Nivala Mats Eliaanpoika, marriage 23.04.1876 Nivala, b. 30.08.1851 Nivala, (parents Pihlajamaa Elias Eliasson and Kykyri Brita Caisa Eliasdr) d. 14.11.1922 Nivala.
6. i. Nivala Kaisa b. 28.05.1878.

5. Nivala Matti Matinpoika, b. 01.03.1849 Nivala. spouse Niemelä Greta Sofia Liisantytär, b. 01.12.1858 Haapavesi, (parents Noname ja Niemelä Lisa Staffansdr).
i. Nivala Juho Herman, b. 21.06.1880 Haapavesi.


6. Nivala Kaisa, b. 28.05.1878 Nivala, d. 24.11.1954 Nivala. spouse Kallio Kyösti, married 18.10.1902 Nivala, b. 10.04.1873 Ylivieska, (parents Kontio Mikko Erkinpoika and Knuutila Pieta) d. 19.12.1940 Helsinki, occupation 1937-1940 President of Finland.



24-01-11, 21:01
Cool! Thanks for the info. BTW where are you finding this info? I have been looking and can't find anything newer than 1850's.

Tapio Rautio
24-01-11, 22:32
Laurie, a few sites that have some newer info:

choose church records

a lot of parishes, but no index, great picture quality

this is getting updated to newer, few times, every year.



30-01-11, 02:05
Thank you so much for all your help. Just one more thing when I search for Matti Matinpoika Nivala birth record in Nivala I can't find anything. I found a birth record for Mathias born on 1.3.1849 in Kalvia. I don't think its the correct Matt. I have searched all the threads but can't find the Nivala birth record. HELP!

Tapio Rautio
30-01-11, 12:31
Laurie that is the correct Mathias You have in Kälviä. 6th child on the left side:

They move from Kälviä to Nivala that same year:
5th from the top, Mathias grandfather, 09.08.1793 Jakob Matsson from Kälviä 1849
grandmother 16.07.1794 Anna Jakobsdr
father 26.12.1817-1850 Mats Jakobsson
mother 18.04.1823 Anna Lisa Thomasdr
child 15.01.1847 Thomas Matsson
child 01.03.1849 Mats Matsson



30-01-11, 18:35
Thank you! I was afraid that I had the wrong person. I appreciate all your help!