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Kaj Granlund
22-01-11, 16:37
Can somebody find the death dates of Frank Anderson (or Andersson) in Norwood MA 1938. He was born 23 Jul 1887 and married to Lydia born 1889. The family moved to Walpole but I think that was after his death

Karen Norwillo
22-01-11, 17:21
The Anderson family was in Norwood, Norfolk, MA in 1920-1930. Children Arthur, Anna and Grace. Frank's WWI card says 22 Jul 1887. Says middle name Emil. Lydia died Dec 1980 in East Wampole, Norfolk, MA. DOB 12Jan 1890. The MA Death Index starts in 1970 and Frank is not on it. So he must have died before that. I will see if I can get that date for you from someone in Norfolk county.
I have the images for the census and draft card, if you're interested.

Kaj Granlund
22-01-11, 17:59
Karen. Thanks.
I know he died in 1938 but not the dates. He was working in a mill i Norwood. And during the great recession the rumors started that the mill wouldn't stand for much longer. He got worried because he had his wife and small children to take care of. He obviously had a depression and drowned himself because of the worries for his family. The mill never closed. His son Arthur died in 2005. The draft card (with the wrong birthdate, I know because I have the birthcertificate) and teh censuses would be fine to have

Karen Norwillo
22-01-11, 21:49
Here are the census images.

Karen Norwillo
24-01-11, 02:25
I asked someone at RAOGK in Norfolk county to see if she is able to find an obit for Lydia. Thought if we find where she is buried, perhaps Frank is in the same cemetery and we can get a date from that. She will get back to me.