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14-01-04, 22:30
Biography :
Location : Centralia, WA
Interests : Genealogy, Hardanger
Occupation : Housewife
Researching surnames : Valsberg, Brommels, Stenfors, Nygard, Gullans, Norrback, Granfors, Mickels, Uljens
Researching places/parishes : Overmark, Narpes, O'yettermark

15-01-04, 06:58
Welcome Bev!
Dick has completed the Rochester WA CD. Have you seen it? 200+ Swedish Finns and their farms are documented.

Margaret Rader
15-01-04, 21:13
Hi Syrene,

Has Dick made the Rochester cd available? I'd sure like to get a copy.

Margaret Holm Rader

16-01-04, 03:24
Dear Margaret,
SFHS wants to make the material available to as many people as possible!
Just recently, Hasse proposed an interractive Internet site to input oral histories and other collections like that. Internitwit that I am, I don't understand the parameters, nor how long it would take to get the thing in place and running. However, it seemed really interesting. SFHS is hoping Hasse will move forward with it. If it works out, Dick Erickson has given permission to put the entire CD on the archive. Hasse will have to determine if it goes on in segments in order to make it manageable.

Margaret Rader
16-01-04, 09:44
I also want to welcome Bev. We live not too far apart -- she in Centralia and I am in Rochester. We are researching some of the same parishes: Övermark and Närpes. Of the names she lists, I have a few Uljens. Bev, I will contact you privately.

Margaret Rader