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June Pelo
27-01-11, 17:08
A cousin sent me a document dealing with Amerindian-like sequences in Baltic Finns and I thought I'd post his comments.
"The Findian connection is totally inexplicable. Historical explanations that Finns came over on Viking expeditions or settled in Delaware are inadequate. If Vikings were responsible, Norwegians would surely have more DNA in common with Indians. The Finns who settled in Delaware were a minority of Europeans on the East Coast. How much DNA do English and Germans have in common with Indians? And specifically which Indians share the DNA? Apache? Ojibway? If all do, that suggests an extremely old connection, when Finns' ancestors lived in western/central Asia. It's generally assumed that Indians' ancestors crossed to the New World by walking across Berengia, the land bridge that was exposed when glaciers sucked up much of the oceans during the last ice age. That would have been over 10,000 years ago. Personally, I've always believed that Asians have traveled to and from the New World in small numbers by boat for millenia, and this would explain more recent contact. Maybe there has been contact across the Arctic Ocean in more recent times, but why just Finns, and not Norwegians, Russians?"

He added a comment that a graduate degree in genetics would help interpreting the findings.
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