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14-01-04, 22:31
Biography : married, two children and 7 grandchildren
Location : Nykarleby, Finland
Interests : reading, genealogy &c
Occupation : retired airline manager
Researching surnames : Sandberg, Lassila, Syynimaa, Branback, Bjorkquist, Martois, Magray, Osterstock, Hendrickson
Researching places/parishes : Upper Michigan, Washington, Illinois, California

M. Waters
29-01-04, 15:10
Hej, Börje....It was nice to see your name on the list. When you stayed with us in Negaunee, you were planning to get a book together. Have you accomplished that? Two of us from the Marquette County Genealogical Society will be in Vasa this summer, if all goes well, and since you invited me to phone you, I might do that. Greetings to Manne, also. Hälsningar från Midge, at the Waters "motel" !

June Pelo
29-01-04, 22:55
Hej Midge,

It's good to see your mail - you've been quiet for such a long time. I know you're busy entering all that new data you've received!!


M. Waters
30-01-04, 01:57
You have said a mouthful, June! It took me from Christmas Eve to January 13th to enter what Hans sent me, and then David e-mailed me a gedcom which included a new 6th cousin in Sweden. This cousin prefers to read Swedish, and I have put off writing, since my Swedish (even after years of classes) is pretty pitiful. Then my Outlook Express decided to be corrupted (overnight...I had nothing to do with it!) and I lost many folders of interesting stuff. However, the FTM and other gen'y documents were fine.
Now I am back on e-mail, and catching up.

I have found the forum very un-handy, but I took yesterday off from the usual routine to learn more about finding my way in it, and I hope to get so familiar with it that I don't make too many mistakes. Too many choices, too many places to go in the forum. I do appreciate the good work and planning that went into it, and there is another advantage...I don't have to unsubscribe when I go for my annual trip to the southwest soon. I have to unsub from 9 other mailing lists.

So long for now...Midge.