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30-01-11, 04:52
Hi all. I am new to genealogy so I have tons of questions. Like one is on hisKi project what do the initials Bds.UK and Pig stand for? Whats up with it sometimes saying Matsdr and other times Mattssdr. Totally confusing for newbies.

I am researching my family from Norway and my husbands family from Finland. I just found out from a fellow Finlander that my husbands Grandfather's 2nd cousin was married to President Kallio. Cool!

Karen Norwillo
30-01-11, 18:17
Welcome, Laurie.,
If you're just beginning your searches, it's wise to obtain a Finn/Swede genealogical dictionary. I use Swedish Genealogical Dictionary by Phyllis J Pladsen et al. There are many others available. There is a list onsite here to help you. I believe it was compiled by June Pelo. Anyway, Bds=bondes son, farmer's son, pig(a) =unmarried female, unk=bachelor, single man.
Mattsdr or Matsdr are the same. All depends who's writing it. You'll find many variations of spellings on Hiski and other sites.
Terms are entirely different if in Finnish tytär=daughter, pk or poika =son. Don't be afraid to ask for help. We've all been there.

09-02-11, 16:20
Karen shows pig(a) = unmarried female. I have also seen pig being defined as "maid". Does that suggest that all unmarried females were considered maids?

June Pelo
09-02-11, 18:05
You may also see unmarried females referred to as fröken, kvinna or jungfru (Swedish words). I think maid refers to maiden rather than a servant.