View Full Version : Surveyor at Ole and Lena's Farm!

02-02-11, 18:09
Surveyor at Ole and Lena's Farm!

Government surveyors came to Ole's Minnesota farm last spring and asked
if they could do some surveying.
Ole agreed, and Lena even served them a nice meal at noontime.

After their work was done, the surveyors told Ole, "You were so kind to
us; we wanted to give you the bad news in person, instead of by letter."

"What's the bad news?" asked Ole.
"Well, your farm is right on the state line, " the surveyors said, "and
after our work was
completed, we discovered your farm is not in Minnesota. It's
actually in Iowa."

"That's the best news I've had in a long time," said Ole.
"I was just telling Lena this morning that I don't think I can take
another winter in Minnesota!"