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June Pelo
02-02-11, 20:46
I have a new request for help finding this family from Purmo that went to Escanaba, MI:

Matts Johansson Kornjärvi-Finström, b. 29 Feb 1860, d. 21 Dec 1913, Escanaba. married 1880, Purmo, to Helena Mattsdotter Storbacka, b. 1854-d. 1890, Purmo. They had 5 children; 4 to U.S.:

1. Johan, b. 23 Dec 1881, d. in Escanaba - may have used name John Mattson. To US 1901.
2. Anders, b. 11 Jun 1883, d. 17 Jan 1916, Escanaba. To US 1901. Married Maria Wiik, b. 29 Dec. 1878, Finland.
3. Ida Maria, b. 2 Apr 1887 - to US ca 1901. Married Michel Hegblom.
4. Johanna, b. 15 Jul 1889, d. 30 Jan 1906, Escanaba. To US 1894.

I just decided to take a look at Talko before posting - and I found that Karen has posted this family!! Are they your relatives, Karen? A woman named Shirley is a patient of one of my relatives who is a doctor in Ludington, MI and she asked Dr. Margaret for help - John Mattson, b. 1881 was her grandfather.

Karen Norwillo
02-02-11, 22:02
These are mine through marriage and also Bud Johnson's. Johan (John) Finström was married to my paternal grandmother's sister, Maria Sofia Långsjö. Let me know what you need. Email me.

June Pelo
02-02-11, 23:52

I've sent an e-mail to the doctor so she can contact Shirley about your relationship - and to see if and what info. she wants.