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June Pelo
03-02-11, 02:49
I have a question. Family members are almost positive that Jakob Newberg, 1852 - ca 1922, and his wife Maria Helena, (called Helen) 1850- ca 1931 died in Grand Marais, Michigan. The County office can find no record of their deaths. Does anyone have suggestions as to what to do next?

03-02-11, 16:03
I found this on ancestry.com:
United States Federal Census

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PreviewName: Helen Newberg
Age in 1910: 59
Estimated birth year: abt 1851
Birthplace: Finland
Relation to Head of House: Wife
Father's Birth Place: Finland
Mother's Birth Place: Finland
Spouse's name: Jacob Newberg
Home in 1910: Burt, Alger, Michigan
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Gender: Female
Year of immigration: 1886
Household Members: Name Age
Jacob Newberg 55
Helen Newberg 59
Ines Newberg 23
Edith Newberg 20
Hugo Newberg 16

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Name: Helen Newberg
Spouse: Jacob Newberg
Birth: abt 1851 - Finland
Arrival: 1886
Residence: 1910 - Burt, Alger, Michigan

June Pelo
03-02-11, 16:17
Thanks, Kathy. I'll pass this along. I think Grand Marais is also in Alger County - where the family lived in later years. But county officials don't have a record of their deaths.

Karen Norwillo
03-02-11, 20:09
I found this entry in the 1930 census. It could be her, even though the middle initial is given as J. She is with an Ines, and listed as mother-in-law of the head of house, Wargstrom. Age fits. It's in St Louis county, MN. I checked the MN Death Index, but she's not there. Maybe she was buried wherever Jacob is. I did see in one census, she went by Mary and Jacob is listed as John. Note, a few lines above is an Edith Luke. She is the correct age for Edith Newberg.

Karen Norwillo
03-02-11, 20:21
Here's the 1910 and 1920 images. Perhaps they are buried under John and Mary Newberg.

June Pelo
03-02-11, 20:42

You're onto something now = Helen Newberg's name was Maria Helena, but guess she used both Helen and Mary - Inez was her daughter married to Wm. Wargstrom and they lived in Virginia, MN. And Edith Luke was Helen's daughter, too. Looks like they lived just a few houses apart. In 1930 Helen or Mary was living in Virginia with her daughter Inez - so evidently Jakob was dead by then. So Mary/Helen could have died in Virginia. All the older generation is gone, and grandchildren all thought their parents had lived the rest of their lives in Grand Marais - I think Katie said some of the family still lives there. Thanks, Karen, I'll send this all to Katie - she'll be happy to get it..

Karen Norwillo
03-02-11, 21:00
From the MN Birth and Death Index

Edith Luke died 16 Feb 1954 in St Louis cty, MN 1954-MN-014677
William J Luke 11 Feb 1901 died 25 Mar 1980 St Louis, MN mmn: Hocking
William A Wargstrom 7 Jul 1885 died 16 Feb 1966 mmn Eklund 1966-MN-009683
Two births mmn Newberg
Inez Maria Wargstrom 22 Mar 1911 mmn Newberg
and a son to the Lukes who may be still alive born in 1924 mmn Newberg