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June Pelo
03-02-11, 19:26
Holly Lahti, a single mother from northern Idaho, won half of the second largest lottery jackpot in US history. Her winnings totaled $190 million, but will come to $90 million after taxes. She did not want to reveal any other information about herself, but her relatives said she is a bank teller. Her ticket was purchased in the small city of Post Falls in northern Idaho, near the Washington border. The winner of the other half of the lottery came from Ephrata, WA. The jackpot grew to its large size after 15 consecutive drawings without anyone getting all the winning numbers.

FAR, Feb. 2011

04-02-11, 21:32
Actually, Lahti is her married name.

She's never officially got divorced, and it seems her estranged husband is entitled to half of her winnings.