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Karen Douglas
05-02-11, 19:42
Hei! Hei!

Cartoonist Jef Mallet has a popular column called "FRAZZ" that is published in numerous newspapers throughout the U.S. I enjoyed this one today (Feb. 5) - and thought you might, too!

Here is the website to view it. http://comics.com/frazz/



06-02-11, 18:54

Does anybody know the meaning of the word 'frass' in the dialect spoken in Vörĺ? Frazz being almost the same as frass...

The meaning of frass is... tomcat! :cool:


Jaska Sarell
06-02-11, 20:05
The content of Karen's link updates every day.
The link for 5 Feb 2011: http://comics.com/frazz/2011-02-05/

:) Jaska

14-02-11, 01:58
it looks like "Frazz" is the main character's nickname from his surname Frazier. Frazz-Wiki (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frazz):

Frazz is a syndicated comic strip by Jef Mallett that, on the surface, is about school custodian Edwin "Frazz" Frazier and the school where he works ...

Jef Mallett (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jef_Mallett) is from Michigan's Western Lower Peninsula - 500 miles southeast of me. I've no idea of his ancestry.