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Jaska Sarell
15-01-04, 01:13
When former archbishop of Finland, Mikko Juva, died in the New Year night, many later articles refer to his relationship to earlier archbishops.
Since many Finlanders have ancestors in Ostrobothnia, they may also relate to all those four heads of Finnish church. So I created the attached chart to show their relationship. You may find further links in the Talko - I have only Johan Hydenius' links to Hyytinen of Lappajärvi and Keisari(Kejsar) of Alajärvi. Johan's wife Brita Catharina Mårtensdotter Peitzius links four times to the Sursill family.
The file starts from Erik Jöransson (Erkki Yrjönpoika) Hyytinen just to make it fit to one A4 or letter sized page. Sorry about the small font size required.
BTW. Mikko Juva's successor John Vikström also has Keisari and Hyytinen ancestors through completely different lines - most of his forefathers are from Esse. But that's another story.

:) Jaska