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June Pelo
08-02-11, 21:41
My name is Yohn Yohnson,
I come from Visconsin,
I Verk for the lumberyard there.
Ven I Valk down the street,
All the peoples I meet,
They say Vhat's your name, I say...

My name is Yohn Younson ...

The song is repeated over and over

Karen Douglas
09-02-11, 22:54

How well I remember this "never-ending" little song! We sang it all the time in Sunday School! Thanks for a happy memory! Karen

June Pelo
09-02-11, 23:47
How about this one: Rida, Rida Ranka. Remember riding on the knee of an adult while they sang it...

Karen Douglas
10-02-11, 14:09
This one I do not remember - but have heard about it from others...