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June Pelo
09-02-11, 17:59
When Leif Mether was administrator of Finngen, he and I worked on some articles about bomärken - there were pages of examples representing various parishes, and my own family was included. I have tried to find the articles on Finngen, but it's hopeless and I have no idea what happened to them. Does anyone know where there are other articles which show examples of those owner's marks?

Jorma Penttinen
04-05-11, 15:23
Hi June, I am not sure meant you this:

June Pelo
04-05-11, 16:52

Thanks. That gives some examples of them. The ones that I remember were on Finngen and had many pages of the marks along with owner's names and were arranged by parishes. After the Finngen archive was lost, I was never able to find the article and examples.. so I guess they are lost forever.

04-05-11, 17:09
One page was found on genealogia.fi.


Do you June remember in what context the owner's mark collection was on genealogia.fi? I could take a look at the directory structures.

June Pelo
04-05-11, 18:38

I've been searching through the Finngen pages and finally found it under FAQ - History - Owner's Marks:
http://www.genealogia.fi/faq/index.htm That's part of the website you found. I didn't remember that it was put in FAQ. Is there some way it can be put where it can more easily be found?

June Pelo
04-05-11, 18:45

On that same FAQ - History page there are articles about Mantal by Kalevi Kiesi and Robert Plogman, as well as an article about land owning and farmers by Kalevi. Kalevi and I had many discussions about this and I suggested to Leif that it would be a good idea to include articles by Kalevi and Robert, and he agreed. I think they would be of interest to Finlander members, too.