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09-02-11, 19:32
I just purchased the TNG software, but I donít know where to upload my files to. This is what it says to do.

Step 2: Connect to Your Remote Web Site
Connect to the remote web site where you plan to install TNG. This could be done using a control panel file manager shown to you by your hosting provider, or using an FTP program (FTP stands for "File Transfer Protocol"). If you use the FTP method, you will need to know your FTP host name, username and password.
Once you get to your site, navigate to the folder where your site's home page resides. From here on, we will refer to this folder as the root folder (even though it probably isn't called that). If you're setting up a new site, the folder might be called "www", and your home page will likely be called "index.html", "index.htm" or "default.htm.
Is this something you can help with?
Thank you,
Lori Malmstrom

10-02-11, 18:37
TNG is a php -based software package that runs against a MySQL database and is accessed using a normal Internet browser.

If you intend to use TNG on a remote server you must - have a server of your own or buy the hosting services. This means that you have to get the possibility to use both php and SQL from your provider. This costs something per month - it is generally not free-of-charge.

The other way is to install TNG on your own machine. Needs the same software package services of course. If you have a Mac it is quite easy to install both php and for example MySQL or even run via a MAMP installation. On a PC you will need to understand how to install software packages. - Then afterwards you have to configure the TNG package, create the database in MySQL and install the package.

If you don't have access to any servers/local machine where you can install the TNG package/php/MySQL you will have a serious problem.


02-08-14, 22:53
I finally found this info, and have plugged the URL into the handout for the FinnFest lecture. Phew! Syrene